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The ability Bursting allows the unit to deal an extra amount of damage in a battle, straight after the unit is attacked by NON-RANGED/MAGIC/PSYCHIC primary attack. It can be fatigued and triggered multiple times. Additional Strike does not cause 2 bursts, only 1.

Units with the Bursting ability are

Burst Damage of a stack depends on the unit's Power Rank and the number of them in the stack.
Damage is 1.356 x Unit's NP and is reduced by 15% for every primary attack that hits the unit, whether or not it causes a burst [1] [2].

Note: Not entirely correct. Bursting damage is effected by efficiency, which is in turn effected by fatigue (the 15% reduction per primary attack mentioned above). Many other things effect efficiency as well.

  • 1 bursting Phoenix will deal ~50013 FIRE damage (1Nix * 36,883NP * 1.356= 50013.348 FIRE damage).
  • 1 bursting Dwarven Deathseeker will deal ~54 POISON damage (1DD * 40NP * 1.356= 54.24 POISON damage).
  • No Battle Factors are further applied to this damage (no accuracy & no randomness).

Triggering Bursting

Units with Magic, Psychic or Ranged in their primary attack type, will not trigger Bursting.

  • ALL other primary attack types will trigger bursting unless accompanied by one of these 2 attack types

When Bursting is triggered, this can damage the unit doing the bursting. Such happens when their resistance against the bursted attack type is too low).

Note: Unit abilities such as Flying, Swift etc. do not influence Bursting triggering.

Modifying Bursting

  • The Eradication spell Flame Shield grants units "Bursting FIRE" and sets their fire resistance to 100%
    • Note that battle items and opponents spells can lower this fire resistance below 100%.
  • The item Oil Flasks lowers enemy fire resistances, making Bursting FIRE more effective.
  • The Phantasm spell Paralyze has a '4th effect' that can prevent bursting on ONE unit.