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The practitioners of alchemy began their experiments to discover how to transmute metal into gold. Soon, they expanded into extracting juices from plants for medical purposes. Alchmey later brought forth the invention of many wonders, but the secrets were lost when the old World was destroyed millennia ago. Recently, the art of alchemy has been revived, and it has enjoyed a great deal of interest. However, the level of sophistication can not compare to the alchemists of old.

Hero Statistics
Profession Alchemist
Magic Speciality Plain
Race Human
Attributes Mercenary Nobattle
Gender Male
Attack Power -
Attack Type -
Counter Attack -
Hit Points -
Upkeep Cost -1000 + 100*level gold 500 + 5*level m.p.
Abilities Alchemy (9)
Re PLAIN.jpg


Passive: Alchemy (Lv.9)

  • Increases geld income by 6% + 3% / lvl
  • Reduces MP income by 1% / lvl

Guild Server Note: Gold Increase formula is NOT correct. At hero level 16 (Alchemy lvl 8), Gold increase is 25%, not 30% as previously reported. ~Darknight 2/22/2017