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--Knight of dawn 11:49, 6 December 2012 (CET)


Alzorath's TR Video Tutorials

TR Tutorial Batch #1 - The Basics [The Interface]

Coming Soon [Planned Batches]:

  • TR Tutorial Batch #2 - Resources
  • TR Tutorial Batch #3 - Skills & Spells (The Basics)
  • TR Tutorial Batch #4 - Combat (The Basics)

All credits go to Alzorath for making these videos for newbies. I am just placing them here, so more people will know about these tutorials. Basically, these TR Tutorials serve as a quick introduction on how to get started on playing TR. These videos introduce you to the basics on how the game works and how this game is being played. Enjoy the videos! =)

It all started here --->

TR Terminology
Use this when you're unsure of the terms used in this guide.

Searching: Ctrl+F and type the word you're looking for in the pop up window.

Basic Concepts

The Game

This game is derived from the "Five elements" (Wu Xing). It is very similar to Magic The Gathering in many ways.

The five elements are:

  • Fire (Chinese: 火, pinyin: huǒ)
  • Earth (Chinese: 土, pinyin: tǔ)
  • Metal (Chinese: 金, pinyin: jīn)
  • Water (Chinese: 水, pinyin: shuǐ)
  • Wood (Chinese: 木, pinyin: mù)

Rival element

   * Wood absorbs Water;
   * Water rusts Metal;
   * Metal breaks up Earth;
   * Earth smothers Fire;
   * Fire burns Wood.

However, the "Colours" in the game don't really follow this trend.

Understanding the human side of this game

  • The remaining players that play TR have reinforced a type of RoE that suit this smaller player base of around 500 people. That is no over-targeting on any particular mage.
  • NDs are usually new players and have to be respected. For NDs, I will personally advise to join a guild.
  • There will be people that camp in front of their computers and do online attacks. This is the sort of people that do opportunistic attacks on weakened mages. The player base is too small to see lots of attacks on any particular mage for them to be weakened when you're online doing your run.
  • There will be people that look at the black market non-stop for any good bargains or uniques/heroes/items/spells. You will see a frequent over-bid on your bid in the market just when your bid hits the last minute and this will continue till you place a much higher bid.
  • There will be people that immediately resummon, when they're attacked, to protect their land. That's why opportunistic online campers exist, this is to counter this resummoning trend.
  • There will be people that tie their emotions to this game and counter you with whatever they have. Such as spells, multiple attacks and hate mails.

Understanding the game

This game revolves around the concept that you have to gain more land than you lose. All stacks are breakable and there are no perfect stacks but there are ways that you can make your stack unbeatable to attackers by using items/spells/uniques/heroes/enchantments or even skills. Losing lands to attackers doesn't mean much, if you can gain back double the amount of land that you've lost.
  • In a nutshell, a positive land income will let you rank higher; while a negative land income will drop you down the rank list. If you don't gain land, you will stagnate and you're just waiting for someone to counter stack you and drop you down the rank list.

Understanding TR's Wiki & TR's UBB

TR's Wiki

TR's Wiki is updated by players like you and me. Its access is granted for anyone who wants to do some contribution or simple editing or updating. Therefore, some of the guides in Wiki are out-dated and some of the things posted are no longer relevant.
  • If you are willing and have the time, do consider updating the Wiki for the TR community.


The UBB is the forum. The posts in the UBB are from players like you and me. Many of the things posted in the forum are just opinions from people without any supporting facts. In reality, some of the posts are even biased. There are also some people that post in the UBB without a clear knowledge of the game at all or some of the posts are misleading or some of the post are just there to confuse newbies. However, there are still posts from the real veterans, who have tried out many different things and are willing to share their information. On the other hand, there are also so called "veterans" that want to continue to have their edge over newbies, so whatever posted by these "veterans" tend to mislead, sometimes wrong info are being passed around .You have the responsibility to test the concepts out and determine who are the ones telling you the truth and the accurate information.
  • You have to be the judge for whatever you read, including this guide that you're reading now.
  • "Even though sometimes misinformation is spread, it could be a genuine mistake on the part of the knowledge imparter, as much of the knowledge regarding TR is based on speculation, experience and hearsay." - tornado

My personal quote and belief...

  • Some things posted on the UBB have to be taken with a pinch of salt. That's what I believe. - Knight of Dawn

Understanding the Colours

Icon ASCENDANT.gifIcon PLAIN.gifIcon NETHER.gif

Look at this Pentagram, there are five colours in total, the two colours beside a chosen colour are the adjacent colours. The remaining non-adjacent colours left on the Pentagram form the opposite colours to your chosen specialty.


Adjacent Colours: Icon VERDANT.gif Icon NETHER.gif

  • Pros: Units with high AP Fire based attacks, with resistance reducing spells and synergy with Oil Flask.
  • Cons: Units with vulnerable holes in resistance such as weakness to Cold attack and lower HP/NP ratio (in exchange for damage). Units with high gold upkeep.

Black Icon NETHER.gif

Adjacent Colours: Icon ERADICATION.gif Icon PHANTASM.gif

  • Pros: Units with Paralyse, Magic, Cold, and Poison based attacks. Units with steal-life, fear & double strike abilities.
  • Cons: Undisbandable pop-sucking units. Possible pop-spiral if you don't keep a careful watch on your pop. Difficult for new players.

Blue Icon PHANTASM.gif

Adjacent Colours: Icon NETHER.gif Icon ASCENDANT.gif

  • Pros: Access to all complex spells and units with various abilities and attacks. Uses ranged units with magic or psychic attacks.
  • Cons: Mana-intensive when you're casting off-colour spells.

White Icon ASCENDANT.gif

Adjacent Colours: Icon PHANTASM.gif Icon VERDANT.gif

  • Pros: With units that have Holy based attacks and Healing & Large shield abilities. A specialty with access to various enchantments. Access to Love & Peace and the Holy Light that boost white units tremendously.
  • Cons: High Gold upkeep, weaker AP/NP units and mostly ground based units with melee attacks. Rely on THL or SOL to add holy attack type.

Green Icon VERDANT.gif

Adjacent Colours: Icon ASCENDANT.gif Icon ERADICATION.gif

  • Pros: Access to units-enhancing enchantments such as Enlarge Animal and Plant Growth. Melee based units where their attack type can be altered by Flame Blade, Sword of Light , Vial of Venom or amplified by Rust armour. Have high HP/NP units with strong resistance to most attack types.
  • Cons: A specialty that relies heavily on enchantments. Mana-Intensive. Units have a low attack initiative of 1 and can be stopped by Web of the Spider woman or Slow. Melee attacks can be greatly reduced by Brooch of Protection.

What colours to attack?

Now that you have chosen a specialty and finished researching your spells. What colours to attack depends on the units that you intent to summon. Having a specific specialty allows you to summon specific units easier compared to some other units. You have to focus more on on-colour units to be efficient.

For example, black is your specialty and you intent to summon Liches.

Liches have Cold ranged & Magic ranged attacks with the fear ability.

Looking at this unit's strengths: attack type, abilities, attack resistance, spells resistance, attack initiative and Health point. You have to determine which unit liches will be efficient in killing. In this case, Red Dragon will be the easiest for Liches to kill.


  • Fear ability is negated when a unit with Fear attacks another unit with Fear.
  • Liches have ranged attacks that can hit flying units.(RD is a unit with flying)
  • RDs have weakness to Cold. This means Cold attack deals twice the amount of damage.
  • Liches have high resistances to most attack type.

This whole process of choosing your units for your stack continues till you're satisfied or reached the 10 combat stacks limit.

In a nutshell, attack depends on your units and the target you're hunting not on the colour you're using. Combat item & spell may help and change the battle outcome but don't rely entirely on them(these need to get through 75% barriers to work).

How do I defend?

The advantages of defending

  • You have forts HP% boost. Defending against regular attacks receive half of the HP% boost. Defending against siege attacks receive full HP% boost.
  • Your defend assignment (spell & item) triggers all the time.
  • You determine the final NP that attackers start attacking you from.
  • Sieges on you have a 10% accuracy penalty. There is no accuracy penalty, if the attacking unit have the abilities Flying or Siege, or they are attacking units with Flying.
  • You can have 75% full barriers(Even higher if you have Barrier proficiency).

How do I defend?

You have to look at your units' strength & weakness and predict what colours and type of units will be attacking you. The most common colour and the stack that will deal most damage and gain land from you, will be the one that you have to stack against with usage of items and spells.

For example, you're using mono-RD.

Weakness: Undisbandable, Flying, weakness to attack type cold and Fear gets negated when RDs are attacked by units with Fear.

Looking around at all the colours and the units that they will likely be using, the most damaging colour will be black with heavy liches. Look at the liches' stats and profile, you will see that the cold attack has an initiative of 1. This can be blocked by any initiative reducing spell/item. Web will be a good choice here.

So what spell to use? Now, what else will likely be damaging to RDs? Another unit with cold attack is Demon Knight, with double strike and an attack initiative of 2. However, this unit can't reach RDs as it's a ground based unit. What if the attacker comes in with Carpet of flying/Flight and did a siege on you? Can the RDs hold the attack? Yes, if no item or spell passed barriers. What if DKs gain Flying, Can the RDs hold? No. So how do you negate the flying ability? Gravity Pull.

Final decision on Spell & item

Spell: Gravity Pull

Item: The Spider's Web

In a nutshell, this is the thought process of defending. You use item & spell that benefit your stacks. A good awareness of the Metagame is crucial in defending. Heavy DKs are uncommon in the current Metagame as they're high pop eaters and undisbandable.


Starting Strategies

1) Rushing

  • This is done when you want to climb as fast as possible and gain as much land at the start of the set. The main aim of rushers is to gain land AND research at the same time. They plan to complete their research faster than other mages.
  • Rushers depends on barrack, simple, average and black market units from Sword of hires and Spawning Hatchery units. Some rushers will tend to research their own colour spells till all complex level are done before rushing. Some rushers will rush and use whatever units they have at their disposal as they climb higher.

2) Geld start

  • This is done when you want to gain items, spells or heroes at the cheapest prices available. This is usually done to buy cheap high level heroes, off-colour complex spells and uniques.

3) Low-land research

  • This is done when you want to research by abusing the P protection status. This is done when mages stay at the 1.5k - 1.6k land area.
  • The P status will trigger when you have zero units (you can disband) and your total amount of land drop below 1500. P status last till you use a turn

4) High-Land research

  • This is done when you climb to 2k-3k land and complete your research with a mono defensive stack.

The art of getting the 1st hero @ turn 121

Mid Game strategies

Mid game strategies rely on you getting to the mid-rank section of any ranking on that server. It's probably at the rank 1 to 150 range. If you are unable to reach & maintain that rank range, it means you're still stuck in your early game and unable to climb or make any significant difference even if you're given 1 month more of play time.

So I will advise you to work on getting your basics of turn management up & knowledge on units up before you start investing time on mid-game strategies.

What is Mid-Game?

This is the time where the server has reached close to 1 month of a total 2 months server period. At this point, be sure to check that you are at least at the 5k to 7k arces land range with all spells researched and a handful of heroes & low skills. If you don't meet any of the things I stated it means you won't be able to make any difference in your ranking even if you're given 1 month more to prep for arma.

What do you do during mid-game?

Mid game is the period where most ranking has stabilized, all mages are fully researched, where wars will be going on and the rankers' climb will be slight slower.

Things to do:

  • 1) Get your gold supply up to get high level heroes with good abilities.
  • 2) Get your spells from black market to increase your spell level.
  • 3) Get tons of strong items for Arma/battle/war/defending
  • 4) Get your skill level up, use more of your arces to build guilds for faster skill research.
  • 5) Initiate wars against top guilds to bring down the rankers and change the whole ranking.


  • Maximize each stacks by having a high level hero to lead that stack.

Eg. level 16 Dreadknight leading Horned demons. Since it's a black demon hero leading black demons, dreadknight provides a boost to horned demons. The boost is according to the hero's level. In this case 16% increase in efficiency from a original 100% efficiency.

  • A mage with tons of heroes will definitely win against someone who doesn't have any invested heroes. Eg. Having 10 high level valor heroes will get you a 100% boost to your attack power, unrestricted by barriers. Hero spells always trigger in battle.

Imagine 200% powered mage versus a 100% powered mage....need I say more?

  • Higher spell level = higher summoning rates = better turn efficiency & better arma power up
  • Better & stronger items will help you to break a defender & grab his land. It helps you to block attackers too.
  • You may tend to observe that there are some rankers that stagnate at 5k arces range with a mono-turtling stack like mono-arch angel or mono-Dj. They are doing a geld strategy, where they keep hitting the geld button for doubled gold income per turn used.

I will advise not to turtle with a mono-stack & geld. As it will make you unable to predict what are the attackers' stacks at the top and once you start converting your stack & climbing, you may face difficulties to maintain your land, as you lack experience. If you are good enough to rank high, you won't even need to turtle up to geld. As the higher the rank you climb, the more gold you get per turn.

End Game strategies

It will require you to have completed your mid-game strategies with a handful of strong high level heroes & semi-maxed or maxed high level skills. Eg. Argument summoning will increase your power up efficiency etc

More information about skills' effects per level can be found here

What is End-Game?

End game is considered about 1 to 2 weeks before Armageddon.

By End-Game, hopefully, you got sufficient items for Arma battles that will reduce your losses per battle. Most attackers uses either carpets or ashes, cause carpets allows your stacks to fly and avoid damage, or ash to totally wipe our defenders' stacks before they get to attack your stacks. So no damage dealt to your troops.

What to do at End-Game?

Usually End-Game only matters to the top 1 to 20 ranked mages, this is where they will be competing for land during armageddon and will be mass powering up to be top 10 for the Hall of Immortality.

  • 1) Get your guild mates support, devise a plan to take our certain guilds' top rankers by mass inferno or attacks or mass javelins/ figurine/staff or by a combined guild bang on the top ranker to push him down the rank list.

This may trigger a war though. So be ready. It's either you get top 10 or him, your choice. Give it a shot at war or see him get top 10.

  • 2) Get your build ratio changed. You won't be needing guilds at all since you've maxed your skills, remember? and the remaining 2 weeks time wont matter at all, you can't get a skill up.
  • 3) Start gelding or selling items to get 1 billion gold for armageddon. Cause during armageddon, you will be using turns & moving your mage at a REALLY oversumoned state. Every turn used will be a huge negative to resources, by having tons of gold. the supply can buffer you through arma.
  • 4) 3 to 5 days before Armageddon, fully charge your mana to FULL capacity. Start over-summoning during this time too.
  • 5) Pre-build barriers if you have pissed someone off & expects infernos coming your way.
  • 6) Build forts to 2.5% if you have MORE than 1 billion gold and is able to handle that TREMENDOUS amount of gold cost per turn.
  • 7) Know the mana-efficient of certain units. Which are the best per mana used? Which relies on gold instead of mana? Do you know there is a restriction on getting more units once you hit a negative mana income? So how to overcome that? see below....
  • 8) Build barracks to recruits gold eating units Eg. Militia, calvary etc . Buy units from Sword (Black market). More barracks = higher recruit rate = more NP per turn *hint hint*
  • 9) During Armageddon, go for the fattest targets that you can find without you facing a ton of losses in troops. Hitting reds will be a dangerous zone, cause some mages may be using inferno/oil on defense or chain lighting/candle. Gain as much land while at the same time let your troops & NP build up per turn used? How? You can figure it out, since you're already reading this....
  • 10) Be sure to have some minor indulgence in hand, 3 to 5 will do. These are for spells enchatments or snipes that got through your barriers or Black death that eats away 1% of your troops per turn or Wall of silence that prevents you to summon units. It may not seem much, but at top 10 is the most painful thing you can experience as draining aways 10 mil NP requires you quite a handful of turns for resummoning. For wall of silence, you don't want to spend turns, not summoning troops right?
  • 11) Destroy barriers at near the end of armageddon 15 to 5 mins before the server ends, by this time all mages will either be died or really low on mana & turns, so the chances of infernos will be lowest. Destroy ALL barriers & summon ultimates units or any units that wil give you the most NP. Judge by yourself on which units to summon to give you the highest NP in your remaining turns.
  • 12) This is the most important knowledge, Armageddon powering up doesn't necessary means it happens after the 7 seals are broken. You will even see some top 10 mages start to build tons of forts or do EARLY prep or power up. The earlier you can power up & still hold your rank, the more turns you get to power up with and the highest possible NP you can reach. Always start Aramgeddon with full turns, cause it last for 2 days. In this 2 days, how much NP can you gain compared to someone who started 7 days ahead? Think about it.

Good luck! =) Follow this guide & you will see a Hall of Immortality with your name on it in no time.

Talk to someone who is a Haller in the past to learn from his experience. This is the Armageddon strategy.....

Enchantments for different colours

Icon ASCENDANT.gif White

Basic : THL, L&P, RE, WS, Conc

Optional enchantments

  • Cast MB when you have reached above 5k land and when you have the mana to support it.
  • Cast Heavenly protection if you have the spell bought from the BM.
  • Cast Sunray only if you want to have additional spell protection.

Icon VERDANT.gif Green

Plant based green

Basic : PG, NF, WS ,Conc, SR

Animal Based green

Basic : EA, WS, Conc, SR

Loring Green (Abusing D status)

Basic : NL , NF, WS, Conc , SR

Mixed Green

Basic : PG, NF , WS , Conc, SR ,EA

Optional enchantments

  • RE for additional red spell resistance to your units.
  • PfE for additional kingdom spells resistance.
  • MB for additional kingdom spells resistance.


Basic : BC,WS

Optional enchantments

  • Cast Shroud of darkness when you want additional protection from White's spells.
  • Cast SR when you want additional spell protection.

Icon NETHER.gif Black

Basic : BS, SoD, Conc

Optional enchantments

  • Cast Mindbar when you want additional spell protection.
  • Cast BC when you want to have a higher AP to out-damage attackers.

Icon PHANTASM.gif Blue

Basic : Conc, Hallu , MB, AC

Optional enchantments

  • Cast SoD when you want additional spell protection.
  • Cast RE when you want to have additional red spell resistance for your units.

Knight of Dawn's The Art of War

Our Roles in times of War

  • Ranker
His job is to rank high in the rank list at a high NP, where he'll be in the best position to take down mages below him.
  • Banger
His job is to coordinate with his guild mates and bang down mages during bang time before the target is spell-locked by the spellers
  • Sniper
His job is to stay online and be alert for any target movement. Once a target is moving (using his turns), he will start to spell the target with MS & DnD in hope to deal mass amount of damage and destroy a large portion of the target's land, barriers and forts. There are times where targets are killed due to running 49 turns of MS & DnD and having their last fort destroyed by his spells.
  • Speller
His job is to fill up the spell tracker with spells and cast his offensive spells or enchantments on the targets. Spells like MS, DnD, LS, TSF, Conf or Fool's gold, Scry etc. Usually all mages in the guild are spellers, so that the task of spell-locking mages are spread among all mages in the guild. This allows equal contribution in the guild as being a speller requires huge amount of turns.
  • Itemer
His job is to throw a huge amount of items on the targets in hope to drain a large portions of the target's resources. Items such crystal ball, Letters of the Thieves' Guild, Mana Vortex, Official List of Demands, Pipes of the Sewer, Rotten Food and Voodoo Doll. There are even times where an itemer gets the opportunity to use uniques such as Atomic Bomb, Basin of Far Seeing, The Searing Stone, Wand of the Moon, Lipstick of Enslavement, Holy Hand Grenade etc.
  • Healer/Serene mage
This is a sole task for green mages as they are the specialty that have access to serenity (Green Ultimate spell) and cancellation (Green Ancient spell). If other mages in your guild have purchased or have access to cancellation, they can serve as healers too but casting cancellation requires 1,000,000 mana and 20 turns compared to 300,000 mana and 8 turns for serenity. Being an off-colour specialty will increase the mana cost for cancellation even further and there is a higher chance of failure.
  • Turtler
This is a new category of mages that I have observed in "the Pacifist" (P?) guild on guild server when I was warring them. They don't have a specific purpose and are just there to waste your resources, turns and time on them. I call them the time-wasters. Usually, they will turtle up with a mono-stack of defensive units such as mono-AA, mono-Dj, mono-Wraiths, mono-nixs, mono-liches, mass chims etc and build a huge amount of forts like 40 and above, have a huge ton of resources in gold, items & mana. They will just remain stagnant at their range with these huge amount of resources, turtling on a mono-stack and does practically nothing or no contribution in the war or doesn't even dare to attack, move (use their turns) or spell any mages.
Their sole purpose is just to desperately stay alive in the war and prolong the war. They attempt to achieve that by having near infinite resources to drain, having near infinite mana for dispel, having a turtle stack, always having 75% barriers, always having 40 and above forts and not giving out any forms of counters to any mages. Any attempts to kill them are easily brushed off by their desperate attempt to stay alive. These are time-wasters and are usually mages that are tremendously frightened to die or face death in the war.
The easiest way to kill them is to always stay above them in NP and rank. Once Armageddon is reached, wiped them off from the face of the earth.
  • Catfisher
This is a job for a very proficient mage or veteran that knows what he's doing and has a good understanding of the game mechanics. As being a catfisher requires a huge amount of knowledge to keep yourself alive at the low ranks & NP and still be able to kill off war targets.

Surviving the War

The 4 resources

  • Mana

Mana Crash will disband units or enchantments that need mana for upkeep

  • Gold

Gold Crash will disband units or forts that need Gold for upkeep

  • Turns

This is the resource that allows you to regain the other resources

  • Items

This is your resource storage: Items can be sold for Gold, Mana Crystal can be used for mana, MI can be used to dispel, War items can be used to cause damage

Preparation for War

  • Have around 2.6% Bars

This is to ensure that you'll still have max 2.5% bars when you are attacked, lost land and put into D status

  • Have around 1% fort to block pillages and to make sure you don't die easily
  • Have sufficient items (around 300 items or more)
  • Have sufficient mana crystals for instant mana replenishment

These give mana to dispel spells, when you're drained by Mana Vortexes

  • Optional : Have Minor Indulgence for instant dispel

Minor Indulgence: Increased limit to 7

  • Ensure that you have around 200,000 mana minimum when you log off.

War targets - Who to focus on?

So you're about to war a guild full of mages of different colours but you don't know who to focus on?

1) A simple rule to follow is to aim for the most active people in that guild.

  • Most of the guilds have inactive and active members, active members are the ones that will likely to commit their time and efforts to bring down a mage. Focusing on them and making it a hard time for them to move and do their tasks will give you the advantage in war.

2) Aim at the few mages with lowest forts

  • Killing these mages fast will mean less mages can contribute to the war from their side. Less mages to contribute will mean the active mages have to share the load and this will put a strain to their mages.

3) Aim at the green mages

  • These are the "Serene" people. They are the ones that will aid other mages to get out from their spell locks and get out from their near death situation. Removing the "medics" from the enemies will mean they will suffer the full force from your war effort with no means to "heal". This will give you an advantage over them.

War Enchantments

Enchantment Efficiency

The efficiency of war enchantments is based on your specialty and the type of enchantment you cast on the mage. Eg. Red's MS will be more damaging compared to a Black's MS. While a Black's DnD will be more damaging compared to a Red's DnD.

An extreme example will be a White's DnD on a mage, the spell will practically do nothing much to the victim mage. (The white bought DnD from the BM)

   Mana cost for spell casting
   Spell Type	On-Colour    Adjacent Colour	opposite Colour
   Simple	100%	          125%	              200%
   Average	100%	          150%                350%
   Complex	100%	          200%	              600%    
   Ultimate	100%	       not possible       not possible
   Ancient	100%	          125%	              200%

My theory on the effects... The likely effect of the enchantment casted by an off-colour specialty will like be similar to the difference in the mana cost.

  • Eg. A white casting opposite colour complex spell cost 600% mana for that spell. In this case, White casting DnD. The effect likely will be 1/6 of a Black's DnD.
  • Eg. A Black casting adjacent colour complex spell cost 200% mana for that spell. In this case, Black casting MS. The effect likely will be 1/2 of a Red's MS.

I have personally ran off-colour enchantments before and I feel that they are around 40% to 50% the effects of an on-colour spell. Which is true to my theory. Off-Colour War enchantments are not as strong as on-colour enchantments. The effect is likely to be similar to the efficiency of a White's MindBar compared to a Blue's Mindbar.

Spell Lock

A perfect example of a perfect spell-lock will be:

  • Icon ERADICATION.gif Red: MS, CL
  • Icon PHANTASM.gif Blue: Conf, Laz, Tsf
  • Icon VERDANT.gif Green: SLS
  • Icon NETHER.gif Black: DnD
  • Icon ASCENDANT.gif White: This colour has no offensive enchantments

Having all possible offensive enchantments on the victim means that more Serenes are needed to remove the spells. This means a higher possibility that he will still have some enchantments on him when he moves.

Serenity & Seren Bang

Serenity is cast to remove beneficial enchantments and offensive enchantments on the target mage. Serenity can be used to save a mage from a spell lock or to remove beneficial enchantments from a mage. Enchantments such as Green's PG, White's THL & L&P, Blue's Hallu & Mindbar, Black's BS , Red's BC.

Seren Bang

  • Removing a Green's PG means that the victim's treants/mandrakes are significantly weaker. This will allow your mage to gain land from the victim without having the trouble of facing PG treants or mandrakes.
  • Removing THL & L&P on White mages means that the white's troops HP and AP are reduced. The white's melee troops Holy attack attribute maybe be removed as well.
  • Removing Hallu & Minbar on Blue mages means that attacks on the Blue mage will not suffer -10% efficiency and less turns will be used in getting through hallucination. Removing Mindbar will make it easier for offensive enchantments to fall on the mage.
  • Once the beneficial enchantments are removed from the victim, a blue mage will start to cast conf on the victim to reduce the victim's success in casting his spell assignment in battles and the banging begins!

Killing a mage

A mage's death all revolve around the fact that all your forts are destroyed.

There are four ways that a mage can die

  • 1)Battle Kill

Being killed in battle when the last fort is destroyed. Enemy (#000) was slained on the battle field.

  • 2)Gold crash Kill

You've a negative gold income and you took a turn that destroyed all your forts.

  • 3)Spell Kill

Your last fort is destroyed by an enchantment such as MS/DND/Laziness.

  • 4)Volcano Eruption Kill

Your last fort is destroyed by the spell VE.

Enchantment kill messages

MS Kill

Sat June 6 06:06:06 2011
Enemy (#000) was slain by your spell Meteor Storm.

DnD Kill

Sat June 6 06:06:06 2011
Enemy (#000) was slain by your spell Death and Decay.

Laziness Kill

Sat June 6 06:06:06 2011
Enemy (#000) was slain by your spell Laziness.

Building Through Spells

What is building through spells? This means that you will RUN the 49 turns of the enchantments on you. Running 49 turns of DND/MS/LS/Conf will drain mana from the casters. Knowing how to do this well will make your mage invincible and immortal. Nothing can really kill you except a "Quad Zero kill" (This is when your mana, gold, items and units are 0).

You have to know the risk of running the spells. Eg. If you run 49 turns of conf on you, nothing is done on you. There will be no damage, it just hinders your summoning.

Why is this done?

It's the LAST RESORT when you're out of any other options. This is not for newbies ,who are still learning the game, or for the faint-hearted. This needs to be done with care and you have to have a CLEAR knowledge of what you're doing.

This is done when you're spell locked, without mana to dispel, your casters are all higher powered mages compared to you and you don't have good units to pillages or attacks off the spells.

Basic requirements

1)300+ workshops minimum (Having more Workshops will help you to rebuild faster)

Building formula

   * Farms and Barracks: ( Workshops + 1) / 5
   * Workshops: ( Workshops + 1 ) / 10
   * Guilds: ( Workshops + 1 ) / 20
   * Towns and Nodes: ( Workshops + 1 ) / 30
   * Fortresses: ( Workshops + 1 )/ 300
   * Barriers: 1 

Workshops: ( Workshops + 1 ) / 10 Eg. 299 WS (299+1)/10 = 30 WS per turn

How to do this?

Only do this when you're in D status or when you know that there are no snipers online to spell snipe and recast the enchantments again.

You have to be able to do this comfortably. You have to run 49 turns of all the spells in roughly 5 mins. You have to do this fast or people will start to see that you're running the spells and counters or re-spells will be on you again.

The way to do this is...

  • 1) Only if possible, try to use some mana to get rid of MS/DND. Fewer damaging spells will make this easier to be done.
  • 2) Build 1 turn of max possible WS at the start of the 49 turns of the spells

Look at the before and after, look at the amount of WS after the turn is used. Eg. before it's 299 WS; you built 30 WS; after it's 316 WS instead of 329 WS due to spell damage (random number) So what do you see? It's a lower POSITIVE building rate.

  • 3) The key to using this strategy is to have this POSITIVE building rate. You have to continue to build WS until a certain and amount and keep a close look on your FORTS. Once it hits 5 to 10 you have to start building the max possible forts per turn.
  • 4) When you know that you have sufficient amount of WS, you can start rebuilding farms/towns/nodes. Bars will be the last thing that you rebuild, top priority is to build nodes.
  • 5) As you use your turns, your mana pool will start growing. When you see that you have sufficient mana for dispel again, do give it a try at dispelling using mana. This will cut down the damage done on you.
  • 6) Continue doing this until you have ran all 49 turns of enchantments or all spells have been removed either by dispel or some other means.
  • 7) Start rebuilding ASAP. You will have a huge amount of wilderness to rebuild.


Keep a close look on your GOLD, you don't want to GOLD CRASH when you're running the spells.

  • Eg. A blue mage casted Fool's Gold on you and you have 0 Gold, a blue casted Laziness and a green casted Locust swarm on you that reduced your gold income.
  • Start running the spells when you have sold some items in BM to get around 30 mils.
  • Selling items in BM or disbanding your army don't use a turn at all.

How to use your counter token the right way

Things to know

  • Counters last 24 hours from the time of occurrence of the incident
  • Countering a mage can bypass the NP difference barrier or limitation in your attacks.
  • You CAN gain land from a mage during a counter, as long as the mage doesn't fall below 50% of your NP at the time of your counter.
Normally, mages can only attack other mages within their 125% to 75% of their CURRENT NP. Meaning a 10,000,000 NP mage can only attack people at from 12,500,000 Np to 7,500,000 NP range, mage at 15,000,000 NP or 5,000,000 NP will be unreachable to him. Unless, his CURRENT NP changes to be within the 125% to 75% of his targets. Therefore, the most advantageous position you can put yourself in is to attack him while he's at 50% of your NP and when he's been weakened completely by your guild mates.

Couple of things you have to ask yourself

  • Are you at war & in a guild?
If you're at war, the best thing to do is to do a coordinated counter on the attacker. Coordinated counter is having a few of your guild mates attack the attacker to weaken his army, drop his NP down further and make it easier for you to gain his land or wipe his troops off.
  • Can you beat(Regular/Siege) that attacker and gain his land?
If you can beat the attacker and gain his land go for it.
If you can't win against an attacker and knows that you will suffer more losses that him and get your army wiped, DON'T attack. Don't attack if you see that he's above you at a much higher NP.
Eg. Mass chims red attacked you and you're a Treants/EE/Mandrake.
Should you siege and counter the attacker? NO. It will be easier for you to use your army to GAIN from other EASIER TARGETS. The cost of countering him outweighs the benefits.
  • Do you want to pillage him?
Always try to pillage him at 23 hours to 23 hours 59 mins before the counter expire. Why? As most guilds on the server has a RoE that goes, 1 s/r/p in 24 hours or 1 attack in 24 hours equals 1 counter. So by attacking him at just before the counter expires, you delayed his next visit by 24 hours. If he counters your pillage while your counter hasn't expired. He has broken his guild's RoE and if you're in a guild. You will have the rights to bring him down on your guild's terms.
As countering a counter is called REBOUND.

What is Catfishing?

A catfish is a bottom dweller that feeds on dead or dying things. It's like a bottom scavenger. So being a catfisher is about you taking a role in your war where you "feed" or kill off the low dying mages. Eg. Mages at 1k to 2k arces with forts in the range from 1 to 15. These low dying mages are usually the ones that are spell-locked up in the war with enchantments like DnD, MS, LS, Conf, CL, TSF etc. They can't move either due to being spell-locked and doesn't have resources for dispel or they are left with a handful of forts where taking a few turns will destroy all their remaining forts.

Once the last fort in a mage's kingdom is destroyed, he dies. So being a catfisher requires you to drop really low in the rank list and be at a NP range where you are able to siege your targets.

More in-depth info is in the "Catfishing Guide", to learn more about catfishing please visit this link:

Controlling the Black Market

Do you want to have all the war items for yourself?

  • How to control the Black Market?
    • This can be done by mages in your guild with a large amount of gold. The mages have to spend their gold on the items to raise its cost price. This can be done by bidding on the items with a much higher gold amount instead of bidding for a 5% more. Eg. If you see the voodoos are going for 1mil each, you bid on it with 3 mils for all the voodoos. After a few bidding done by your mages, the price of voodoo will start to grow higher till no one can afford them.
    • For this to be achieved you'll need lots of gold and mages to contribute to get the price up. This is like inflation process in TR, you'll help to push that inflation faster with your guild efforts.

Advanced Concepts

TR's Tools

Analysis on battle items

Oversummoning in a no oversummoning server

How to judge target's fatness

When to siege, regular or explore

Magical compass

Passing uniques - The Iron Golem

Current Metagame, Common stacks and counters

Stealing a unique the correct way

Guild Block and why is this efficient in ranking

Buildings % ratio and setup

D Abuse

What skills to focus on and why

Lady Luck

How to get lucky?

  • There is a vote for our game at the top of your main log-in page. Click on the 3 links and vote for the game. You have a 35% chance to get luck with each vote. There is no message, just check your status report. You'll get luck sooner or later.
  • There is an unique item called the Lucky Charm. Having that will grant permanent favour from Lady Luck. However, this unique does not give the higher exploration benefit and the favour is permanent until you lose the Lucky Charm.

What are the benefits?

  • Luck benefits only starts from turn 300 onwards.
  • Luck favour last 24 hours from the time you got the favour.
  • Increased chance of a higher exploration land gain.
  • Increased chance of a higher random modifier unit's attack.
  • Increased battle accuracy.

LA, Gelding & Pillages. Which is better & why?

Long attack runs and when you should stop

Target selection and how to do it the correct way

Importance of BR sharing and documenting

Units stats analysed/Spreadsheet

Stacking % ratio and how to stack well

All possible stacks for green

Deep stack

Flying stack

Short stack

Counter stack

Fire burst stack

Tree stack

Animals stack

All possible stack for blue

All possible stack for red

All possible stack for black

All possible stack for white

Ground white

Flying white

Deep white

Short white

Unicorn white

The importance of efficiency

What heroes for each colours

How to Whore for each colour

Coordinated attacks

Getting around RoEs

Countering when attacked and why

Devil baiting

Surviving Devils counters

Uniques, heroes and skills abuse

These are the ways to get a Unique: Bid, Steal, Pop, Science's MF


  • In early set, you can geld up and wait for the unique that you want to appear on the market and bid for that. Bidding on uniques in BM will give you the unique that you want. However, you have to wait for a long time before you get any unique as the BM generation rate for unique is pretty low. If you're unlucky, the unique that you're looking for may already be taken by a mage.


  • Popping chests will give you nothing, a few other less important rewards or if you're lucky a Unique. The unique you're likely to get is random.


  • In early set, if you're sure a particular mage has an unqiue that you want. You can war that mage and "letter" that unique from him.

Science's MF:

  • This is the hardest of all the ways to get a unique. Becoming Science's MF will grant you a unique out of a pool of remaining unique that is not owned by any mages.

In early set, I'll advice to Bid and Pop for uniques

Nate's topic & WT's answer

How to see who's likely to hit you

- This can be done by varying steps but to speak in generics. First step I look at is my stack, how would I beat myself. Secondly are there many of that particular colours above me for most people this is yes. Do I want to block or damage(depends on color/stack). But basically most colors have generic assigns

Black FW/Carpet, DoS/carpet - Why: blacks hardest hitting units hd for example are slow/grounded use ash or carpet to fix one problem. White bf/satchel bf/carpet - Why: LNP increases HP so take away accuracy for more blocks. White units are also weak to trees/demons, have them fly to avoid. Green rust/carpet, rust/ash, ch/ash - Why :Green units are slow/melee based/grounded. Fix 2 of the problems and pray the 3rd item doesnt pass barrs. Blue slow/web slow/candle slow/carpet - Why: slow is a probably top 1 -2 battle spells(other being stun) item varies, para is very limited. Red Stun/flasks, fb/flasks - Why: flasks = more dmg = out damaged = D status without land loss

Do any of these assigns look like they will work for me? If so why not. Do I have the items/what items do I have. If you cant find something better for your stack/situationgo with one of the above.

Judging which targets can net you most land per turn

Ahh the most fun part. My method is thus and my apologies to any offended. Alot depends on my color but I choose the fattest mages/thinnest mages first then I review. Thin reds = bad, fat greens=bad, thin greens = good, thin whites = good, fat whites = bad in generics. I avoid ND's when I'm unsure, if a ND is top 80 they have barrs and most likely a good assign easier targets. If going for land and not top locking I go for massive guild mages, ie guilds with 40+ members. Why? Because better chance of someone with low barrs/crap stacking squeezing high. I look for normal/thin mages that have small chronicles(exploring = low barrs at times). I look for people that have giant chronicles(lots of hitting = low barrs at times). I avoid super super fat blacks, means devils of fallens neither of which can usually be beat or are worth the time.

I'll hit a 4k green at 14 million, before I'd hit a 3k red at 14 million. I'd hit a 3k red at 14 million before a 7k black at 14 million. I'd hit a 3k white at 9.4 mill power b4 a 4k white at 9.4 mill power. I'd hit a mass guild member before small guild/nd guy. I guess assigns alot based on the assigns above. People that explore usually = better assign, people that hit alot = crap assign.

Picking a stack that strikes a balance between the above 2

I'm not gonna tell you what to stack. What I'm going to say is here is my checklist.

- Am I gaining land? - What range 100-200, 300-500, 500+ - Why am I gaining that land, target choice? Bad matchups? etc - Am I losing land? How many hits till D? Why am I losing?

Barrs = chance. If I lose cause someone passes spell/item I dont mind. If I lose 1-2 battles a day with no spell/item passing I'm doing someone wrong for the environment. On offense you should be able to win a reg against many mages without spell/item in. For a seige unless lucky you need spell or item. So am i losing too many regs(insuff/outD), or and I losing too many seiges with spell/item or item/spell alone in. If so then pick something else and try it, there are enough "experts" that have posted stacks before to learn.

Deciding if it is better to lose land more easily and gain it back quickly, or defend solidly at the cost of slower land gain

As per above, this is a color based option at times. Either to extreme sucks, go middle ground. Defend but win land. You learn more that way. Only difference for me isnt stacking but assign. For Green Rust/ash = offensive assign, rust/carpet = defense. Sol/candle = offense for white, bf/satch def etc.

Predicting how long your stack can work for

This is hard and typically you need to be in the top 20 to have it affect you at all. But once in the top 20, see who your main target colors/stacks. How many are there, how big, how powered etc. Dont wait until you run out of people to hit to change. See it coming, watch the ranklist before you move each day how many whites in range to demon or greens to flasks etc.

Learning how to anticipate a change in the metagame and react accordingly. Look out for indicative signs

I cant really explain how to do this but here are some things that happen on blitz often. Watch the BM every set the hero price explodes at around the same turn count 5-6kish, same with items even more. Watch guilds in the top and if they target anyone or are warring or are being overly aggressive. Watch the biggest 2-3 mages in any other top guilds for their attacks. Who are they hitting, how many, etc. Not hitting can be the most telling at times. Are all the whites/greens/reds etc using the same stacking all of a sudden, ifso why and how can i abuse this.

Look at who's controlling the top and how long you think the situation will stay

How big is the guild? Why are the dominating? What guilds are warring in general? Is top guild being overly aggressive? Easy questions obvious answer.

Depending on the above, decide if to climb now or whore first

If the situation on top looks dire, whore. If there is an opening make a run at it.

Estimate how long your items will last you and if you need to switch a strategy

Rotate assigns, it avoids using up all of one item and helps keep land.

Weighing factors to determine whether to sit fat, run or summon


Determining if your color and stack is good for the current meta

Generally addressed above, and with whoring comments. If you are white and top is 30% greens then whore for awhile. Greens will either fall from war or wont. But you having them run into you 3x a day wont help.

Judging when it is better to reincarnate rather than play on

Personally I dont reincarnate, I adjust.

Evaluating if your current actions will affect your future resets

People are sheep. Hatefilled sheep. Not to mention this is the internet folks, people have grudges for zero reason. Everything affects that hatred and future politics. Keep this in mind when operating. Hatred/Friendship determines far more in this game then it should, abuse it.

Planning how you want to play in arma as early as realistically possible

Do you need peaches? Do yo need ashes etc? If you get to the point you think you need to consider arma 1-2 weeks out, find me on mirc or pm in ubb and i'll try to help. Its not something I can really explain without more information on each circumstance.

Explanation of EV for players to decide which is the best course of action to take

Bleh. Ignore mode on.

WT's comments

Overall I will comment this. As above my method is consistency, dont get too high or too low and keep on trucking. This means if you lose a seige or reg from spell/item passing dont get that upset. It happens, there is a 40%+ chance of spell or item passing on 75% barrs, there is a 12% of both passing. Review barriers to make sure it is bad luck and not your own fault. Pick a strat and ride it for more then 1 day. If you want to go rd/chim/wraith then ride it for 2-3-4-5 days to see if it works, it if suits the meta. 1 day or 1 run good or bad does not determine anything. 1 bad run could be passing 1 spell of item out of 16 tries, or just bad target selection. Learn more then one color for goodness sake, all the colors intermingle. General play strats/turn management affect them all virtually the same. Even if your beginning with say green is to block reds cause you always played red, thats fine! Or if you pick white after black and think how would I beat my black etc. Different colors/ideas will only benefit you in your target selection. I know mage X is aa/uni/kt/sw last I knew, how would I beat that, what assign would I be if I were him. Experience in situations/colors helps immensely.