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This mIRC guide provides you with general mirc information, links related to irc, and some know-hows guide. Hope you find this guide useful, and have fun! :-)

Introduction: mIRC

mIRC is a chat client. It means Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Using mIRC, a chat client, you can meet people from all round the world. From Singapore to Europe, From New York to Australia, From Manila to Brasil, From London to Korea!

mIRC is the best place to meet new friends, hang out with them and have fun! But do remember not to give out your REAL identity to unknown users. If you can follow the whole guide of mIRC, you will find mIRC with lotsa functions and it makes everything easy!

Download / Installing mIRC

In this section, you will be able to know where to download and how to install them. It is easy! Just follow these steps below:

1. Visit

2. Choose the mirrors where you want to download from

3. Choose the destination where you want the installer to be at

4. Execute mIRC installer.

5. Enjoy the fun!

Connecting to GalaxyNet

In this section, you will be able to connect to an irc network. Here is how you do it:

1. Open mIRC (exe file).


3. Now, press the OK button on the bottom of dialog.

4. On text input area, type this: /server 6667

5. After connected, enter the channel you wish to. For example, you wanted to join the channel called #chemistry, type: /join #chemistry

6. DONE!!

Registering a Nickname

In this section, you will learn how to get yourself a registered nick. Look below for a detailed instruction.

1. To register for a nickname, type /msg ns help register

2. Looking into your status (ALT-1), you will be able to see a reply from NS. The extract example is given:

-NS ( NS : GalaxyNet's Nickname Service Pulsar v2.5 -NS ( ---------------------------------------------------------------- -NS ( REGISTER -NS ( Syntax...: /MSG NS REGISTER e-mail -NS ( (ShiftF4 to ignore further notices) -NS ( Summary..: This command will create a user record for you. This -NS ( is necessary if you want to be able to use Q's channel -NS ( commands. Your current nickname will become your registered. -NS ( -NS ( Example..: /MSG NS REGISTER me@myisp -NS ( ----------------------------------------------------------------

3. To register: /msg ns register <email>

Take note that GalaxyNet will ONLY allow paid, ISP, school mails. Never register with a free mail, eg: yahoo, hotmail, coldmail. They are NOT accepted!

4. After registration is sucessful, look into your email, you should receive it at that instant, or at most 2 hrs after entering the command. The email will contain your AUTH password, which you have to IDENTIFY to NS whenever you are online.

5. Look into the next section on how to IDENTIFY to NS.

Authentication of Registered Nick

In this section, you will know how to authenticate a registered nick, following the commands below:

1. For auth help, type: /msg ns help auth

2. A whole list of help will be given.

3. To auth, type: /msg AUTH <nick> <pass>

4. REMEMBER! Auth should be sent to and NOT NS!

Deregistration of Channel/Nick

To unregister nickname: /msg ns unregister

To unregister channel: /msg q forget

If you want to abandon a nickname, possible, and it will be automatically removed after 1 month time.


Im not actually done with this FAQ area, and i will add in when i have the time to do so. But all these are some commands that you must know.

If you have any furthur question to ask, please join #chemistry, and i will answer your question when possible.

Also visit for other helps.



GalaxyNet CService Helper.

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