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Devils Cycle

Devils can only be summoned once every 3 days. That is when the former devil prince leaves. In order to maximise your benefit from this 3 day cycle, you will want

- A maximum time (24+ hrs) of devils

- 2 days of surviving while having the devil prince leeching ur mana supply.


Before you cast CoS, you shld have the following for the best results:

- At least 1.2 million mana

- At least 400k population

- Some Book of prophecy and Wine (For your recovery)

- A decent and big army

Once you have these, unleash the DEVILS!


During this 24 hours, you are almost GOD. It is extremely hard for you to lose more power. However, it is not impossible to lose more power.

Unless you have low population, Devils will certainly wipe out your opponent's top stack. However, if your opponent have a very deep stack, with his heavy hitters as #2 or 3, you can still not inflict enough damage or worse, lose more power.

I usually work around with 40 - 60% Liches + Reavers, 15 - 25% Demon Knights, and the rest as zombies and skeles. (120k+ troops)

Some guides hate demon knights, but for myself, demon knights are the only answer to surviving holy stacks. (The biggest fear of black mages)

Demon knights have 100% resistant to Ascendant Magic and 400% resistant to holy damage.

Now, you have 2 things that you can do. 1) Go and counter some of the mages that attacked u recently 2) Wait for full turns before countering


I prefer to do some counters first. This is because when you cast devils, you are most likely to be under-summoned else you would be able to sustain and charge 1.2mil mana. And when you are under-summoned, you always become a land fat target for randoms. Remember: Under devils, you will never want to summon troops. As a result, if u want to wait for full turns, you might come back with really little troops.

With the above mentioned stacking order, it is really impossible to lose. I've always captured 120 - 140 land while destroying 240 - 270. That is a good almost 400+ land lost =)

I usually go for a max of 3, rarely 4 attacks. You are now left with 5 - 10% of ur initial population. You will need the remaining population to sustain devils for the maximum amount of time.

Log out and come back 23 hrs later with full turns (blitz) and a good laugh.

Most of the time, when u log back in, you shld be under protection. This is because even tough you do not lose land, you are still losing quite a big amount of troops.

Attack as many as you can till u burst.


When u burst, you shld have have at least 180 turns. U will need to rebuild ur workshops before starting to build up on ur newly conquered land. Remember to cast black sabbath once you have above 100k population. You will now need to summon as much zombies as you can.


The trick of surviving these 2 days is by entering protection constantly. You are unable to sustain reavers or high amount of liches. THe only way is to summon lots and lots of zombies.

However, it is important to know this. Your zombies are not only to defend your country. Your zombies are to make sure that you lose LOTS of power and enter protection ASAP. Zombies + flight works pretty well.

Demon Knights as mentioned earlier is good for defense.

Keep this up, and soon you will repeat this 3 days cycle =)

Have fun.


I started out with around 2950 land when I summoned devils.

After a full 200 turns, and using strategy 1, this is what i got. (I chose to burst early so I do not waste so much turns since I have protection anyways)

3750 land. Protection for another 8 hours.

Troops as below:

Unholy Reaver 0 0.00/125.00/70.00 109 81.9%

Zombie 0 0.00/0.02/0.00 30000 6.8%

Lich 0 0.00/5.00/2.50 254 7.7%

Skeleton 0 0.00/0.01/0.00 20000 3.0%

Gorilla 0 4.00/0.02/0.00 1110 0.6%

I could summon even more =)

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