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 Comment by Bokumo - By having everyone put up their own guide to their colors and what not, doesn't that detract from the whole point of having a wiki.... which is to come to a common consensus as to what the best available answer is while trying not to neglect alternative opinions? I see an alzorath nether guide and a sabre nether guide etc... I don't mean to make this a personal attack against either of them but shouldnt you just make one guide which includes opposing view points? The only wiki I have been involved with editing is (a very specific portion of) wikipedia and while its a huge quagmire, it isnt nearly as divergent as this is starting off. I think people need a quick explanation as to the point of a wiki. The Researching for Dummies is the best one I've read so far and it looks like it had multiple editors-the way a wiki should. ACk nevermind, it was just groentje. Well done groentje anyway. - bokumo
  Comment by Alz - Honestly, this section is mainly, in my mind, used to display the assorted views of the community on the topic of different colors/objects. Basically an alternative to the forums (because this is much easier to format/interconnect/etc. while writing). Yes, this section will be divergent, but it is being much like a library rather than a wiki in the guides section (some books will be old and technically irrelevant, but have good strategic foundings, while others will be technically new, but may not have as strong of grounds in the strategic department). Honestly I think that keeping various guides in this section is a good thing, it would be a different matter if there were more than 1 page for each guild, or more than 1 page for each unit, etc. - those are keeping fairly logical, together, and organized. Again, hope I was clear with this lol, just out of it today and trying to get my point across is proving frustrating -_-.