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Battle reports examples with the stack recommended:

here is what i found out after playing red (successfully) many sets..


the units i found useful using constantly for multi-purpose stack are RD,FE,Efreeti.

i usually don't summon other units other than fakes and fakes landgrabbers.

why dont i use other units?

chims - i find them coming a bit slow, and die to hard, sometimes in loads. Hydra - come to slowly, not offensive enough. Salamander&HH&HD - they die too hard and are paralyzed by carpet or web. offcolors - too inefficient in summoning to make them worthy to stack.

what i find great about this combo is that they are all ranged meaning carpet have only a

minor effect of eliminating the FE small fire attack.

i try to keep them close %(after calculating ranged/fly modifiers) for example RD 23 FE 32% efreeti 45%. this way it is easy to manipulate your stack to any combo of the 3, giving you nice flexibility.

fakes/landgrabbers - fakes can be used for soaking. when these are used good it gives an advantage because you can divert stack that you are weak to (example: Ice ele attacking fake militia stack instead of hitting RD) or you can suicide a small stack i.e 10kMenDrake attack a fake soak stack instead of aiming for ef/fe. fakes can be used for fatigue but thats the least important purpose for them. the most important is that you will have enough fakes for landgrabbing. when you go complex+ultimate units as 90-95%+ of your stack, it isn't easy to keep fodders alive many times.

landgrabbing fakes - for this purpose you will want to have as lowest np as you can starting with sheeps/frogs/squirells then starving peasants and then going to militia/archers/zombies etc.. its good thing to keep a stock of handbooks/peaches/horns etc.. i like having many rax, so i can recruit fast when i rebuild resummon so i really don't waste much turns if any for recruiting fakes.

stack example: RD/Ef/FE/zomb/ss/drayd/pikemen/gorilla/Starving Peasants/Sheeps(or frogs)

its not easy to keep those fakes alive, when they die, its usually because they get countered. sometimes they die because they aren't low% enough but now with the new rule its much easier(x2) to prevent them getting attacked. when enemy uses a carpet/web or slow the fakes dont get countered and will most likely survive.. you will usually rely on frogs/peasants/militia to take your land, funny but true.. usually its best to have them stacked 8-10, but sometimes you will want them to be higher so they will attack some weak ranged/low counter unit rather then hitting high stack that will wipestack em with the counter (treants i.e). keeping fakes alive/recruiting em back is a pain in the ass, and takes time usually but thats the sacrifice needed for having a great stack consisted of complex/ulti units. also, with more experience it will take less time and will work more smoothly.

defense: on defense i like to be on either RD/Ef/FE or RD/FE/ef, usually stun/oil, when you are higher you can use FS which can do better. this stack is not mana expensive (due to RD having low upkeep), you should try to maxmimize your oversummoning.. your worst enemy with this stack is the mass lich blacks or a blue having IE stacked 4th-5th luckily if you oversummon well, you will only encounter few or none of those. sometimes its good to have a fake soakers in stack 4-6 vs that blue in example.

Target selection: I usually attack reds and greens, then when im out of them ill go for whites. blues need special attention and stack designing so i hunt them only when i know their defense or when I'm out of other good targets. blacks ill usually avoid unless making a short run on em and deeping.

  • Red vs Red

try guessing whether enemy is all-flier or ground(or mixed). it is easy to know whether a red is an all-flier by his chrons, if he has many sieges great chances he is an all-flier. also, its hard to change an all-flying stack so if somebody was all-flier not long ago good chances he is still all-flier. if he doesn't have attacks in last 24 he might've changed from all-flier.

A) the all flier RD/Chim/Wraith - these are great food for you, and the good thing is that there are many of those in terra. if you go RD/FE/EF regular is almost a certain win unless enemy stun is lucky. if you pass oil or stun there are great chances that you will take a siege, again if you don't get unlucky with the stun.

different assignments - usually they use stun, with items being oil/ash/web, which all work at same efficiency usually. some higher reds use flameshield which can cause insufficient but it isnt much better than stun which can play lucky for them.

sometimes they get attacked and there stack is messed, which is bad for you unless you adapt. any mu change will reduce your chances to win unless wraith meed your RD which is almost same chances. sometimes you'd want to go RD/Ef/FE (watch BR1) is you think enemy is RD/Wraith/Chim. when you can afford shallowing stack, you can try to attack with something like RD(32%)/Ef(68%) which will probably increase your chances.

B)Ground or Mixed Stack - usually you will want to regular unless enemy v.low bars or bad stack. your stack order isn't too critical, more important is enemy assignment and whether you pass a spell or an item. but if enemy has RD/Ef/FE i.e, you can go FE/RD/Ef in order for FE to soak RD and your RD to attack his RD. if he has RD/Fe/Ef then you might want to go RD/Ef/FE to avoid insufficient. if enemy has RD/Chim/Ground, you should go RD/FE/Ef.

  • Red vs White

i usually regular them with RD/Ef/FE+fakes

its hard to get land out of the average white, factors that will determine a win: a)oil passing or lucky stun b)good matchups c)enemy use bad assignment

you will usually need at least two of the above to occur in order to take a regular which usually includes good matchups.

a) most whites keep high bars, but 75% means 43.75% chances to pass 1 of the spell/item. when your spell penetration increases, chances for stun to pass increases.

b)your highest % stack will be efreeti, most whites will have unicorns and you'll want your efreetis to meet them and not the rd, or worse FE. if whites have AA you'll want them to soak your RD. you'll want your FE to meet any non-angelic/unicorn. good matchup example: RD/Ef/FE vs AA/Uni/SW (not uncommon).

c)blinding/satchel almost means 100% insufficient unless you get really lucky with a or you have a high warlord/LC/sun favor. youll want your enemy to use either carpet or web mainly not satchel, candle is fine but less good for you. as with the spell, you'll want enemy to use SoL, mainly not BF. though carpet/BF is still winnable. good (bad)assignment example: carpet+SoL(not rare).

when you get higher LC/SP and get a warlord, your chances will increase by much and you can even try your luck @ sieges. when you get high you can try RD/EF with FS and siege.

  • Red vs Green !due to changes in beta, some of the info might be less relevant!

you should always have a brooch in your stock, mostly you'll go at them with stun/brooch

i usually go RD/FE/Ef, sometimes RD/Ef/FE and less often go ef/fe top

factors determining result:

a)spell/item pass b) matchups/enemy assignment

a) if your brooch pass and enemy will have many trees which they will usually have you will probably win unless enemy uses oil/FB which can hurt. if stun pass and you regular, you will pass usually, at sieges, youll need good matchups too, if rust pass either ef or fe chances are reduced dramatically.

b) greens' stack vary, also their assignment. if green uses oil/FB(&FB doesnt fail) with many trees, you only get a slight chances to pass if you pass stun & his stack isnt great. most greens use either carpet or call, to be able to defend vs all fliers. if they are not afraid of all-fliers many will go ash/rust. some go ch/candle which is overall defense.

good matchups factors:

1)efreeti attacks anything but treants 2)fe dont soak phoenix/EE 3)RD soaks many of enemy's army, if enemy uses CH, then your RD will not soak anything heavy unless they fall too, which will greatly reduce you chances, though something like this: RD/Ef/FE vs Treant/MD/Phoenix/EE(CH) can work(again depends on

factor a)

if enemy uses carpet+rust, you can take land even without anything passing if you go RD/FE as RD will soak most of greens army. though you cant always afford to have RD/FE only.

good mu example: RD/FE/EF vs T/EE/MD(ash or call) OR P/T/EE/MD(carpet)

when you get higher LC/SP, warlord/DK you chances increases of course.

  • Red vs Blue

ill usually regular them with stun/oil, ash or FS less often. stack will vary depending on enemy stack. usually its better to regular.

you will want to avoid your RD or FE to get hit by IE, as this can be a stackwipe that will ruin the whole run. this is the main reason to know their stack, but you can gamble.

factors for battle result:

a)spell/item b)matchups/assignment

a)a stun and an oil can increase chances for winning but if matchups are bad they can be useless

b)you'd want enemy to use carpet, thats the highest chances to get land from. web/ash/candle are much harder and can hurt too. fog/satchel is also hard(but at least it hurts less) you'd want the enemy not to have AA soaking ef or fe, and if he has unicorn top3 then you want em to meet efreeti. you also want enemy not to have lich top3(rare cause usually they are afraid of whites). you'll want FE to attack levis or w/i elementals, efreeti to not be soaked by AA/Levis, DJ are fine. you will also want ef to meed MRs instead of FE. designing a fake soaks stacks 4-5th can also increase your chances, though now with the new rule its harder(x2 size needed).

summary: its too hard work to attack a blue(unless you randomly gamble), so i usually avoid em unless i know their exact defense.

  • Red vs Black

blacks' stack vary, usually lich or UR top, sometimes vamp top. the ones that should interest you the most are the low land mono zombies(they lower land they have the less chance they will devil, and less chance for counter succes). lich top can wipestack your RDs and UR can wipestack your FE/Ef. unless i know enemy's defense i would usually avoid a black. when having heroes you'll need to make sure you deepstack well, and not attack more than 2-3 blacks and not more than 4-5 targets on that run overall.

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