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Written by Arathorn, edited by Ninarx

The following is basically all of the confirmed useful basic war formulas that the Ronin Assassins have found. For a little background on Ronin, we've basically been one of the prime war guilds on apprentice since AM days. In the Ronin Assassins, we've always just been about having fun and supporting all members in whatever ways they enjoy playing the game. Many of us found in TR that we enjoyed trying to uncover game formulas, so we started just started digging and plugging away at stuff.

Now some of these formulas may be (and probably are) known by other guilds out there. But we feel that these should be available to anyone who wants them, to be able to compete on a more equal footing. Now I wouldn't be as foolish to say that everyone will do better in war knowing some game formulas. On the contrary, loads of great war players do not care about formulas at all and play by "feel" alone. But some people can make great use out of formulas, and anyone can benefit from at least having access to them. We leave it up to you to make as much of the following formulas as you please.

I'd also like to thank Rifters of Matter and Dead Men Walking who helped contribute to some of the following findings.


This post contains straight up game formulas. If you're like many of us and really enjoy figuring out these sort of things on your own or with friends and guildmates, perhaps this thread is not for you.

Stealing a Fort

Huge kudos to Pi/Optima from ROM for piecing together the final solution to this equation. So simple in the end, but the appearance of a (seemingly) random rounding factor threw everyone for a loop.

On siege

Minimum amount of surviving troops needed for a possible fort steal = (target's land rounded up to the nearest multiple of 50)

Minimum amount of surviving troops needed for a definite fort steal = (target's land rounded up to the nearest multiple of 50) + 50

Destroying Extra Forts

On siege

Troops needed to destroy X extra forts = X * 50 * (target's land) / (target's forts)

rounded up to the nearest 50.

max X = rounddown( target's forts / 10 )

By 'extra forts', I mean the extra forts after the initial stolen fort. Since the max land you can take on a siege is 10%, there is a maximum number of extra forts you can destroy, based on how many they currently have:

0-9: you can't destroy any extras
10-19: 1 extra
20-29: 2 extra
30-39: 3 extra

Taking Maximum Land

On siege

Troops needed to take max(10%) land: 5 * (target's land)

On regular

Troops needed to take max(5%) land: 2.5 * (target's land)

Stealing an Item with Pillage

Troops needed to steal an item on a successful pillage = 50 * (target's land) / (power rank of unit used)

Resources taken through Pillage

% Pop stolen = (1/6) * % of farms destroyed

% Pop killed = (1/3) * % of farms destroyed

% Gold stolen = (1/5) * % of towns destroyed

Buildings destroyed through Pillage

X = .005 * NP of troops sent / target's land

(maximum X value is 1...basically it marks the portion of each building type destroyed).

Farms burned = round_down(X * 60)
Towns burned = round_down(X * 25)
Workshops burned = round_down(X * 10)
Guilds burned = round_down(X * 5)

Here you can easily see that if you want a full pillage, you need to use 200 * target's land as the NP of your stack. If you desire to only burn a portion of a full pillage, scale down your NP accordingly. As well, you can see that the maximum number of farms you can destroy in a pillage is 60, towns 25, etc.

Pillage Protection

After a mage has had 10% of their acres razed by pillages he or she enters pillage protection.

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