Dead Men Walking

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Name:Dead Men Walking
Server:Arch (old apprentice server)
Leader:...the one that gets hold of the whip first
Website:The Mausoleum


DMW started out as a mesh between Kindred and Shaolin. First leader was Pendarth and Feath and Wargeneral was Dunehawk. The first reset DMW took the server with storm with fierce warring and extreme co-ordination. They battled and won over several experienced guilds (such as Canine Elite Division and the Musketeers). Agentsvr then stepped up into leadership and led the guild into what has been called the third server wide war, a war debated for a long time afterwards (mainly because how DMW in some ways forced it upon the server, something that didn't sit well with some people). The reset after that leadership was turned over to Caldazar who led the warring veterans for over a year through several wars each resets. Leadership passed in 2006 to the returning Feath who led the guild a short while before turning it over to Snofsan (DMW's so far most charismatic leader). Snofsan led the guild for another year and the now well established guilds continued it's path of destruction and war. Leadership was recently passed back to Caldazar who is now leading the guild (June 2007).


DMW has been around since 2004 and is a well known guild on the Arch server. DMW was until recently mainly a war guild and had until then gained only one hallspot (mostly for lack of trying). During last "Snofsan theme" reset (ended on Feb 2008) they achieved 6 HoF by bringing their war tactics to top domination. Although they used to take in some new players from the Apprentice Academy (now extinct) they are mostly made up out of Veterans. Through the years DMW has seen many veterans come and go, among them some of the more famous players from AM times.

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