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blood ㅗ(´ー`)

Known Facts

  • a loli
  • a chibikko
  • a child
  • a ranker
  • a warmage
  • a griever
  • a haller
  • a nobody
  • a somebody
  • a tsundere

Kokonoe goes Nono Nono Gao Gao (by Eve)

   Also known as Kokonoe (九重), she was born while on a flight to Akihabara, Japan on March 11, 1996.
Despite her age, her physique is smaller than average and she still sleeps with her plush penguin (which she named it "Pi-chan") next to her. She has long, black hair with ribbons & golden bells tied into bunches (twin tail ツインテール) which comes down to her calves and she is ambidextrous. Kokonoe takes a huge liking for sweets, cakes (but admits that she does not gain any weight) and anything deemed small and cute. She has a soft spot for pets that sometimes were abandoned when their owners cannot take care of them, thus she took in a stray kitten which she found wandering in cold by the back alley. The kitten was then given the name Nono, Kokonoe seems to love Nono as much as her plush penguin and often carries the kitten around on her head.

Kokonoe, at the age of ten(10), attended Mihara High School (美原高校) in early 2006 in which she hopped from fifth(5th) grade to the tenth(10th) grade. Much to her own beliefs that she is ahead of everyone in education, she is often in conflict with other people and always isolates herself from others. Thus, she often skipped classes and sneaked into the computer lab, also because of her small physique, she could easily hide herself behind the solid desktop computers, a feat she achieved without trouble. She started playing The-Reincarnation on March 2006 till she decided to take a break from the game on June 2007. She can be math genius, but she is generally very lazy, she hates studying and prefers to use a calculator (but she appears to make more careless mistakes when using a calculator).

Kokonoe was later offered a scholarship enrollment in Komaba Campus of University of Tokyo (東京大学), During her schooling days in Komaba Campus, she has a mischievous nature thus often being teased, cuddled and hug-tackled by her older classmates but she dislikes people who treat her like a child, especially when people would casually tease by calling her "Kodomoe" ("Kodomo" (子供) is the Japanese word for "child") instead of her given name, Kokonoe (九重). Also much of her mischievous behavior is a result of trying to hide the traces of the vulnerable little girl she really is.

Her small physique hasn't changed much, especially the chest section. She loves to read english light novels, but is lonely, as no one around her has the same interests as her. She later adopted the habit of reading mangas (漫画) and collecting Bishōjo (美少女) toys following foot steps of her otaku (おたく/オタク) girl friends who lived next door. With much respect for her cheekiness, she is often called by the name "Chibikko" (ちびっ子) in the neighborhood which is literally used as an equivalent for "midget" and can be literally translated to "a short and tiny child". She completed her majors in Mathematical Sciences at a tender age of thirteen(13) before moving to Malaysia in Spring 2008. She returns to The-Reincarnation since.

Kokonoe is currently not in any employment nor education though she denies calling herself a NEET because she claims she is still too young to work. She earns her own allowance from selling virtual items(illegally) from all the MMORPG she plays. Also because she could not buy new Bishōjo Toys from playing The-Reincarnation, her activity in game does not look promising and she is often Missing In Action at times. She also has a liking to wear goth clothing in reality, she has a bad habit to swears and being rude in mmorpg, mirc and other online games, that most of her "online friends" thought she is a 'guy' in reality. In contrast to her odd habits and also of her young age, she's a closet pervert to the extent that she downloads and illegally plays eroge (エロゲ). and dating sims.


  • Preferred Colors: Nether Icon NETHER.gif, Ascendant Icon ASCENDANT.gif
  • Loves +ve gold income
  • Hates -ve gold income
  • Rumored to pair up with sis, Evangeline and Deception on several mischievous acts
  • New gay partners : Elzzix & Zedrix
  • Favorite/known Quotes:
    • The secret to success is knowin who to blame for your failures
    • My custom pc is hotter than any human being.
    • My Job's making sure your Porn is mosaic'd, Any Questions?
    • and yes, my god is money, whats yours? hope and despair?
  • Current Status: Inactive


By tenderly moving your mouse ontop of her, tease her around by stroking her link with your giant mouse cursor, she will get annoyed and twacks you on the head.
and no,.. try not to abuse her constantly..also, try to avoid any bad habits in the process..
Please ensure that the lights are dim and tissues are within your reach in order for your parents not to discover what you are doing..

Toyed with





09-03-2008 s1
[01:27] <Kokonoe> You offered 913,000,313 gold to Science, the Magic of the Old World.
[01:27] <Kokonoe> You cought Science, the Magic of the Old World's attention with your generous sacrifice!
[01:27] <Kokonoe> You feel the Elder God examine you carefully.
[01:27] <Kokonoe> You are now one of Science, the Magic of the Old World's most favoured followers.Science, the Magic of the Old World offered you the legendary item Holy Grail.
[01:27] <Kokonoe> You sense a heavenly conflict between Science, the Magic of the Old World and Sun, the Father of the Sky.
[01:27] <Kokonoe> You hear roar in anger. You are now disfavoured by Sun, the Father of the Sky.
[01:27] <Kokonoe> Sun, the Father of the Sky tested your hero Hyppolata Soulholer Witch.
[01:27] <Kokonoe> Hyppolata Soulholer Witch passed Sun, the Father of the Sky's test.
[01:27] <Kokonoe> Sun, the Father of the Sky is pleased with Hyppolata Soulholer's performance.
[01:28] <Kokonoe> You sense a heavenly conflict between Science, the Magic of the Old World and Magic, the Mother of All and Nothing.
[01:28] <Kokonoe> You hear roar in anger. You can feel Magic, the Mother of All and Nothing's hatred burning in your soul.
[01:28] <Kokonoe> Magic, the Mother of All and Nothing sent powerful Demon to ruin your country!
[01:28] <Kokonoe> OMFGWTF IS THAT?!!!!
[01:28] <decept|on> LMFAO!
[01:30] <Kokonoe> It is a gemstudded silver chalice. You sense magical power from it, but you have no idea what exactly it can do.
[01:30] <Kokonoe> and...its not even for my color.......
[01:30] <UnLucky> o.O
[01:31] <decept|on> owned~ <3

13-08-2009 arch
[15:43] <decept|on> wah
[15:43] <decept|on> our cover got blown.. they know u r Allean
[15:43] <decept|on> u will get grieved again~
[15:43] <Kokonoe> dun worry, we're both tied to the red string of fate
[15:43] <Kokonoe> i dai you dai.. like titanic jump scene
[15:44] <decept|on> u can be Rose
[15:44] <Eve> but Rose lived
[15:44] <decept|on> lmao
[15:44] <Kokonoe> ahh., you can be jack because leonardo is gay
[15:44] <Eve> omg! hahahaha
[15:44] <decept|on> u teh gay

27-06-2010 arch
[09:19] <@Koko|zzZ> You begin using the item Treasure Chest.
[09:19] <@Koko|zzZ> Congratulations! You acquired the legendary item Holy Grail.
[09:19] <@Koko|zzZ> You finished using the item Treasure Chest on yourself.
[09:19] <@Koko|zzZ> The item Treasure Chest is destroyed after use.
[09:19] <@Koko|zzZ> WTF
[09:19] <@Koko|zzZ> very funny
[09:20] <@Koko|zzZ> -..-
[09:22] <@Koko|zzZ> It is a human skull! You sense magical power from it, but you have no idea what exactly it can do.
[09:22] <@Koko|zzZ> -________-"
[09:22] <@Koko|zzZ> You auctioned 1 Holy Grail.
[09:22] <@Koko|zzZ> The money will be paid to you when the bidding is over.

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