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also known as Eve and/or Blondie in IRC. the younger sibling of BloodFest

  • Favoured Color: Ascendant Icon ASCENDANT.gif
  • Loves: shopping
  • Hates: you
  • Favorite Quote: Whoosh. Nice to meet you. I'm a ninja-assassin!.. Nin nin nin.





Now talking in #XXXXXX
Topic is '�13MJ RIP, Bloodfest Will takover Your Pedo Empire!!!!!!�'�'
Set by Koko|NuT on Fri Jun 26 20:37:05
<Mio> sets mode: +o bloododo
<bloododo> yoz..
<Mio> BLOOD! teach me how to rank!
<Mio> i duno wat i m doin! >_< help help
<bloododo> me your SR
<Evangelin> helped her! didnt help me!
<bloododo> wut! we're under the same me later
<bloododo> come to think of it..DUNWAN!
<Evangelin> waaa
bloododo is now known as Kokonoe
Kokonoe slaps Koko|NuT around a bit with a large trout
<Kokonoe> stop using my nick, you BEEPBEEP
<Koko|NuT> lol..
<Kokonoe> anyway,..i heard elzz goin to the movies with some friends, know who are they? tr buds?
<Koko|NuT> no idea
<Kokonoe> well, since its elzz we're talking, lets parody some of the possible outcomes
<Koko|NuT> what? gamness?
<Kokonoe> like..a lovey couple convo?! those schoolteens and all :D
<Koko|NuT> lolicon
<Kokonoe> wut?..come come..i start first..follow my lead.
Kokonoe is now known as Hatred
<Evangelin> hehehehe..
<Koko|NuT> -_-
Koko|NuT is now known as g0ne
<Hatred> ---------------START-----------------------------
<Hatred> *comes out from the car* gosh, i m so sorry i kept you waiting
<g0ne> you're LATE, elsie!
<Hatred> sry, i had a lil difficulties back then. i was daydreamin abt you, indulged over it and completely forgot about the time.
<g0ne> har!? no pervy thoughts i hope!
<Hatred> i'll leave that to your imagination, girl *does a wink*'
<g0ne> excuses excuses..LAIS!
<Hatred> i can never force myself to lie to one as innocent as yourself..
<g0ne> sweettalker
<Hatred> just as sweet as you, sugar *holds the tip of g0ne's chin high* , and theres a reason why i m called an angel, my main weakness is my inability to make a proper lie
<g0ne> hmmp! you must be a dark angel then! not a proper lie but a perfect lie..
<Hatred> so you prefer the naughty side of me?
<g0ne> dont get carried away...
<Hatred> hmm? did you just had a hair cut? you look different today
<g0ne> not really...i just..wait! dont change topic!!
<Hatred> i really mean it..the hair suits you, especially when we're up close like this..
<g0ne> ahh..people are looking....
<Hatred> *does a cool smile* well not that i hate it since people are jealous of us..lets get going then, shall we?
<g0ne> hmmp! i forgive you this time! only this time!
<Hatred> ---------------BEAUTIPUL ENDIN----------------------------
<Hatred> and so they hold hands together and they lived happily ever after
<Hatred> LOLOLOL
<g0ne> LMFAO!!
<Evangelin> OMG! heheheh!
<Mio> -.-""
Hatred is now known as Shimapan
<Shimapan> oh btw
<Shimapan> shimapan means
<Shimapan> striped panties
<Shimapan> :D
<Mio> -.-
<Mio> sr pasted
<Shimapan> ok i'll have a look
<Evangelin> you know what i think?
<Shimapan> hmm?
g0ne is now known as Koko|NuT
<Evangelin> you two are really adorable, just like real needs experience to pull this off in just a snap..
<Shimapan> What?! with that BEEP? lol..who wants to be with that jerk, only his **** wants him..lolol!
<Koko|NuT> wtf? fuk j00!
<Shimapan> XD..*runs away~~* lololol..jk jk,
<Shimapan> well..that was just some parody from past memories
<Koko|NuT> fuk j00!
<Koko|NuT> replay of pervy thoughts with preteens?
<Evangelin> i remember there was several times already, some unknown lolis came over to our house to check on blood
<Evangelin> right after blood broke up with them, poor lolis..
<Evangelin> i had to lie, saying there's no such person..what a kind sister i m
<Shimapan> -_-
Evangelin sheds a compassionate tear
<Koko|NuT> o_O
<Koko|NuT> !!!!!!
<Shimapan> shouldnt be talkin abt that in irc
<Koko|NuT> no tell me! i want to know!