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I don't know if this helps any but *shrug* - a guy archmailed me asking what I had done and this was kind of my 'summary'

I owe like 99% of what I know to other people so thanks to everyone who's helped me over the resets.

Ok, you have kinda 2 options:

1) Rush early: For simplicities sake, assume this means grabbing with 120 turns used. You rely heavily on rax units. Basic set up

374 Workshop 10-30 Nodes 200 Rax maybe 300 Town Farm built to keep pop < 90% of max

At turn 60 with 200 Rax start recruiting a stack of Orc Raiders/Dark Elf Magicians. Most of NP in DEM's but enough OR to keep them top. OR soak damage, DEM's kena. Alternatively, go like 90% Imps with maybe 3-4 small stacks of random junk after to soak fatigue and feed on FD greens.

Basically start attacking blues/blacks/reds or anyone with no/low army. ArmyPower ~= NP - land*1000 - forts*19360.

While attacking:

  • Pump Rax up to 400-600 asap as you gain land without sacrificing any of the below
  • Build farms to keep pop < 90% of max.
  • Build a turn or two of nodes whenever your net mana income goes negative
  • Destroy 6 forts when you get 12

Normally, having used around 80 of my 200 rushing turns I hit a point around 2.5-2.7K when I just can't win land anymore. At this point I tend to build to maybe 599 workshop.

You kind of have a major fork here. Normally, if the top is friendly (PNAP or form a guild with the top 15 or something ) I plan to play defencive stacking junk.

In that case I'd explore away my remaining turns. While doing this have the Rax churning out orc/wolf raiders. From memory, rank #1 is normally around 5 mill NP with 320 turns used so bust out a calculator and check your recruitment will get you around there. If not, build some more barracks. If you get there by a lot destroy some. Normally I'd hit more then 3K land, rank 1 with 320 used. Drop a bid on some Renegade wizards or assassins for extra NP - though they come in smaller stack size after the change.

Assuming you make it through the night - you should, top 10 = very few attacks so you can survive stacking pure junk. With your next 200 turns I'd normally disband OR/WR until they're just top stack (so its raiders/market/DEM/other). Make a few hits - maybe win a couple hundred acres, no big deal. Now you're going to be cranking the research along. Basically, you have 2 goals. 1) Have enough rax/farm/town/node to be able to hit top 4-5 again. 2) Have as many guilds as possible. Ideally you want to have all nether complexes researched by 520 turns used.

Assuming you pull that off I normally swap over to like 80-90% BR ghouls/9 fake stacks. I can't remember the set up exactly but roughly:

You get ~500 ghoul per turn with SL 100 BR.

You want to be able to spend 200 turns so you need a mana income to support ~ 200*500/2 = 50k Ghouls. Roughly 500 nodes. You need pop to support 200*500 = 100K ghouls. Roughly 450 farms, 180 towns. 299 Workshop. 16ish forts. With 3.2K land that leaves ~1.8K guilds. From this point on you have BR running all the time.

The play style is pretty simple. Spend pretty much every turn researching. Keep a bloody close eye on your resources because with ~100K ghoul (3 and a half mill NP for 7 mill total) you'll be at just over 0 mana. Eventually you'll get to the point where if you use another turn you'll lose all your ghouls. When you get to this point wait for full turns again. With full turns, make a single attack and lose all your ghouls and then start the process again. Recast BR as needed. To go from all black complexes done to everything done with 1.8K guild requires about 800 turns. All things going smoothly you should finish at around 1.3K turns used. Hopefully around the same time as most whites so you can get set up in the time it takes them to grab to 3K.

Also, I'd probably research all black complexes, all average spells, cast concentration and then just start going for black ultimates. If BS is your first ultimate don't even worry about the average spells + concentrate. Get it then go back to normal. You can then probably just forget the ghoul thing to an extent and putz around with mono zombie + flight + bubble wine. In which case, drop the nodes/farms/towns and sink even more land into guilds.

The other fork is if the top is unfriendly. In this case I'd suggest using 150 turns to grab to 1.6-1.8K land. Get smacked into D. You can regain the land pretty easily. The advantage is now after 320 (350) used you don't need to power hugely to prevent land loss. As a result you can focus more on building guilds (destroy down to 150 rax), hopefully letting you run like vamp/hd/or/Dem/wraith/imp or something when you come out of D.

You have a stronger army and are more likely to be able to continue grabbing land - BUT - better army normally means less guilds means slower research time means you get owned by fast research whites when the climb.

Or, option 2) lol, rest my fingers for a bit, ok.

basically, this is what I tried this reset and kinda fudged it up.

turns 0-120: build 599 WS, ***50 node***, 80 town, 140 farm and explore as much as possible.

turns 120-320: explore to 1.6K land, throw up guilds (1000ish) - you'll end up needing to drop workshop count to 299 or 199. Research all black complexes. Buy a newbie hand book. Get hit into council protection.

turns 320-520: Destroy 100 guilds and replace them with rax. Start recruiting 9999999999 militia and burn your newbie handbook. Start researching random simple spells (green first for web) until you have 8K units. Start attacking, first build to 374 workshop, then start sinking all land into nodes + farms/towns until you have 150-200 nodes and 100K pop. Cast BR (50K mana stored as you have 50 nodes built at start). You know need to watch your resources super carefully because Ghoul upkeep is *huge*. You need to be pumping up your node count as your climbing - you want to end with 550. Build farms as needed to keep pop growing. Expect to need to MP charge + pillage every now and then. I personally I cast BR way too early - at like turn 325 - and had to buy a bunch of mana crystals and wines to keep from going bust (pillages help to get the money for this). Again you end up with like 3K land. So 3K land, 520 turns used. Play as above - power up on ghoul, market and raiders from 100-200 rax.

I hope this helps somewhat. Truth be told, there's kinda a 2 point summary. 1) NP is basically as good as effective stacking and much cheaper 2) Your biggest threat is getting pwned by fast researching whites 2.5) Having friends rush with you is the best way to have your rush succeed.

Again, I have no garrenties for this but it does the job for me.

Oh, one last thing. Carpets go for like 10 million each. With mono ghoul you have a massive geld income. Ghoul/fakes + carpet (+ blood curse) will pwn whites as long as they aren't running web on defence.

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