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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - Nick Commands

What is a Nick?

A nick is what people will recognize you as when you join a channel. It is your screen name and can be anything that you want withing reason. Nicks must meet the following guidelines:

  • Must not contain offensive words or vulgarities
  • May not contain "admin" anywhere within it
  • Must be 30 characters or shorter

Registering a Nick

Registering a nick makes it "yours" and allows you to be invited to restricted channels, register channels, and be identified as who you say you are.

To register your nick:

  • Change your nick to what you would like it to be registered as using the /nick command
    • Example: /nick DeathDealer
  • Use the following command: /msg nickserv register <pwd> <email>
    • Example: /msg nickserv register ThisIsMyPwd

The password must be a minimum of 5 characters. It is best to use both upper and lower case letters and numbers.
The email address must belong to you, but we will accept "free based" emails such as gmail, yahoo, msn, hotmail, etc.
Nicks will be deregistered after 60 days if not used.


Each time you use your registered nick you will need to identify yourself so that nickserv recognises you.

  • Type /msg nickserv identify <password>
    • Example: /msg nickserv identify ThisIsMyPwd

If you change to a nick that is not registered to you, or if you get disconnected from the server nickserv will forget who you are and you will need to identify again.


Once you have a registered your first nick you can choose up to 7 additional nicks and add them to your group.
All nicks in your group will be subject to the same settings as your original nick.

  • Change your nick to the one you want to add to your group using the /nick command
    • Example: /nick NewNick
  • Use the following command: /msg nickserv group <original nick> <password>
    • Example: /msg nickserv group DeathDealer ThisIsMyPwd

You need not register your additional nicks before adding them to your group, they will be automatically registered to you when you add them.
If your additional nick is already registered you will lose any settings and access when you add it to the group.
You can change your nick to others within your group without nickserv "forgetting" who you are.

  • To list nicks in your group type /msg nickserv glist

Deregistering a nick

When you deregister a nick you will lose all access and settings associated with that nick.

  • Type /msg nickserv drop <nick>

Retrieve a lost password

To retrieve your password if you lost it:

  • Contact an IRCop using the cmd /helpop <msg>
    • Example - /helpop I lost my password, can someone help me retrieve it?

Please be nice to the IRCops. They are volunteering their time to help users with problems. If you are not answered shortly it is because an IRCop is not active at the moment. Please try again later.

The IRCop will be able to have the nick services send to you your password. It will be sent to the e-mail address that you used to register your nick. When you receive it identify yourself (/msg nickserv identify <pwd>) and keep your password safe.

NOTE: IRCops do not need your password, are unable to see your password, and should never ask for your password. Do not offer to tell them your password, and if an IRCop asks for your password please report it to a Services Operator.

More info

In IRC type: /ns help
Or see: The guide to NickServ commands