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Status Report

Your Status Report summarises the most important information about your country. Here you may monitor your MP, geld, and population budget. It is important to check your status report frequently to be sure you are not in danger of running your country to ruin through poor management. By monitoring your Status Report you can determine how many buildings and troops your economy can support. The most common problem new players have is improperly managing their resources, which causes their buildings and troops to disappear. Check your status report, read the chapter ‘INTERIOR’ and transform your kingdom into a healthy state!

In-game messaging and keeping notes

The reincarnation provides players with a simple messaging system to contact other mages within the game. If you wish to send another mage a message, simply choose ‘Send message’, enter the mage's number, type your message and click ‘send’. There are also features to browse old messages and delete messages. On the solo server

You can send a message to yourself, as a way of keeping a note on something. Supporting players (those who donated to TR) have access to a personal notes system, which can also be used to draft messages.

Be warned that using foul and harassing language are strictly prohibited, and that mass-messaging is not tolerated. Anyone caught spamming or using inappropriate language will be punished (see the Decalogue). Also take notice that sharing sensitive in-game information (regarding stacks, spell and item assignments, online activities, interior of kingdoms) is not allowed either.

Black-Market messages

Besides players, also the Black Market sends messages. These messages cannot be replied to. There are three sets of messages:

  • Those that announce overbidding and invite the mage back to the Black Market.
  • Those that announce a bid to be won ("Congratulations!").
  • Those that announce an item to have been sold and geld to be received. The latter do not add to your 'New Messages' count.

God #0 admin messages

Besides players, also the server admin (a.k.a. God #0) can send messages. These messages cannot be replied to in-game. A player can reply by email.

The Admin can also Mute a player, which amongst others disables messaging other players. This is a mild treatment to players that repeatedly spam or lose their temper when messaging other mages.

Account options

Battle Report Sharing

If you activate this tag, members of your guilds can browse through your battle reports. This can help coordinating attacks, and can help guild-mates to advice you on your army composition and your use of spells and items. Your battle reports from the last 72 hour are accessible through your chronicles (under SOOTHSAYER in the main menu), and so are the reports of your allies and guildmates.

Your Mage Description

By choosing ‘Options’, you enter a screen where you can type a short description for your mage. Just type the description you wish (avoid using foul or harassing language, as you will be punished for an inappropriate description) and click ‘Change’. Other mages will see your description when they look for you in the Arena, like you can see theirs. Some BB-code formatting tags are allowed.

CSS file and images directory

These are advanced options that allow you to customize the look-and-feel of the TR pages (faster, slicker, more beautiful). Downloading a complete set of game-images and saving it on your computer allows for faster browsing of the site and reduces traffic to our servers. After downloading and extracting the file, you will need to change the Skin directory settings to direct the game to your local images directory (e.g. file:///c:/reincarnation) or better to a local webserver if you could run that (e.g. http://localhost/). Check the Skins wiki page to learn more about the skin directory and ask for help on our forums.

Language selection

TR can be played in the following languages: English (default), Nederlands/Dutch, Portuguese, Francais/French, Espanol/Spanish, Turkish, Deutsch/German and Korean (in order of completion by end of 2007). You can switch languages in the options screen. Parts of the game that are not yet translated, should appear in English. Eventually the game should be fully translated (have patience or volunteer). Translations are done by fellow players on the beta server (check out TR's UBB forum for details), the other servers receive updates each reset.

Deleting Your Mage

In the sad circumstances that you have to delete your mage from The Reincarnation before the game is over, you can choose ‘Options’, check the ‘depart from Terra’ box, type your password, and confirm by clicking ‘Change’. You can only delete if you have not taken an offensive action in the last 24 hours (i.e. no open ‘counters’, not maintaining enchantments on others).


If you need to take a break from The Reincarnation for a few days, you may place your mage into a meditative state. In this state no other mages will be able to take action against your mage, but neither will you be able to access your mage account. To enter meditation, choose ‘Options’, scroll down to the section on meditation, tick both boxes that state you want to meditate and then click ‘Change’. Meditation lasts for 3 days, and you may enter mediation once every 7 days. Furthermore, you may only enter meditation if you have not taken an offensive action against another mage in the past 24 hours. Also, you may not enter meditation if the 5th seal leading to Armageddon has been broken: At that stage it cannot be guaranteed that Terra exists when you awake from Meditation!


Here you may view your hero statistics and dismiss them if you wish. You can also enable/disable some of their abilities. This is advanced player’s stuff (see Chapter 7, section on Heroes).

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