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Why is this manual called Groentje's player manual.... are we building a wiki here or is this a monument to Alzorath and Groentje? I mean I appreciate the time you guys have put in but what you're doing isnt "wiki".

Response from Alz: the 'guides' section is more like wiki-books, reference material that can be linked to from elsewhere in the wiki. The Guides themselves are also here for an easy to sort through, quick reference (much more efficient than several stickies on the forums).

Response from Groentje: I wouldn't care if the name was removed from the Player's Manual wiki-page-names. When I started filling the wiki, i just copy pasted this text to provide starting content, and gave it some name. I wasn't that aware about 'what a wiki would be supposed to be' (and frankly I don't give a damn, as long as it spread information fast and intuitively). I just wanted it to be very clear that the copy-pasted text was something that already existed in some form on another .the-reincarnation page