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Icon VERDANT.gif Green mage from the Netherlands, not to be mistaken for a Icon NETHER.gif nether mage from greenland.

Overcooked Eternal Apprentice of The Reincarnation. White Tower Asha'man; Cook of the White Tower.

Hardly played The Reincarnation as an active mage (sorry Dark Pentegram Elite,Canine Elite Division and Kaaskoppen). Decided to be active helping the TR team. Moderating #reincarnation, and improving in-game and portal texts (what GTO named 'content management').

Have played Archmage since late 1998. Always on Blitz II. Always a Green mage, always named Groentje. White Tower was my main guild. I was council chair + Master of Novices + Diplomat. In 1999 and 2000, I played with Unseen Empire, Dark Pentegram Elite, Lords of the Realm, The Covenant, Iron Fist Protectorate. In 2001 and 2002, I played in Borg, while being shadowcouncil of White Tower and White Tower Academy. Stopped playing for real life reasons and losing fun because of mass multi maging.

Real life: The Netherlands; doing geology.


WT nostalgia - random snapshot of power rank (note misspelling of eradication)