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Kaaskoppen (KAAS) , (frietjes)

Kaas means cheese, Kaaskoppen means cheese heads.

Leadership: Badlapje
Past Leadership: Tijn, Badlapje, Roodhaar

KAAS website and forum since 26 Jan 2005. Irc: #kaaskop on Galaxynet.

KAAS started at the end of 2004 as a collection of dutch vets who decided to play together on Blitz, and wanted to help dutch speaking newbies learn their game (Tijn, Louveteau, Uriburi, Groentje, Badlapje, Bodyhammer, -add yourself- )

During that set KAAS warred OMG, the massive block occupying the top. Eventually we proved so annoying that IceAge was brought in to get us of their asses.

Later in 2005 (reset that started after 30-11-2005 and that ended 26-01-2006) Kaas transformed into a multilingual guild, open to any mage with a taste for cheese. It's RoE's were from then on:
1. one attack every 24 hours, counters last just as long.
2. spells/items = deathwish
3. we play for skill, so:

no online hits because it means kicking people when their pants are down. Where's the skill in that? Right: there's none, you just need a pathetic real life or a dose of good luck.
no whoring
no softens unless in exceptional situations (war, overtargetting, you are a whored up bastard/bitch, you use mono-stacks, ...).
we don't join a powerblock or form one of our own. If we find ourselves in one we will remedy the situation asap.

4. when we encounter a geldwhore, pillages made by us against the geldwhore don't count for as long as he/she is whoring away
5. we play for fun

KAAS waged three wars during it's first multilingual set. The first was a training war against the Hearts of Darkness. This war ended with 12-5 loss for Kaas. None the less, we had fun and it was very instructive for our newbies (who were the only ones to die apart from the inactives). This experience proved usefull in the second war with TFW. All of our newbies had the basics down now ... and for the short time it lasted none died a nice show from TFW notwithstanding. OuT casted arma at that time, and both TFW and KAAS decided to go after OuT so a temporary NAP was devised. Since OuT succeeded in the end, that was the end of war two (and also three). Allies were F&H and TC

During our second multilingual set KAAS waged one training war far: 21-7 in our favour vs Knights of Hope. Allies were F&H and TC

In our third ML set, which is now in progress, KAAS got of to a slow start due to ND's taking out several of our rankers and experienced vets (their fault really for not being prepared). This made us climb slow and led to a third place after GoAP and 1337. Allies were F&H (as always) and 1337, the succesor of TC. A couple weeks in the set an alliance with CoT was formed. KAAS decided at this point to help out an old buddy and declared upon Circle of Chaos, All Your Base are Belong to Us and Pinoy Sanctity Guild.
KAAS then allied THE and SUN to take on GoAP after a lot of frictions, only to be declared upon by THC in support of GoAP. GoAP itself got into a war with OuT and allies right before we declared. At this time the alliance with 1337 ended due to our war with GoAP (leets other ally). CoT declared on THC a bit after they declared on KAAS. Later THE and SUN withdrew. Atm these wars went on until armageddon.

The 4th set of KAAS, was a long one. KAAS hosted a nice mix of longtime vets and short time vets. This was a set when a couple of guilds decided they did not want to play the powerblock game anymore. This lead to wars rather early in the game, with WarTree showing to be a very tough general, then a breathing pause, then a war towards the end of the set. KAAS what decimated during armageddon - except for two mages that Halled #1 and #2 . KAAS-allies took most of the other hall spots. Kaas founder Tijn was not playing in KAAS. As usual he halled nevertheless (without having pop and turns, by getting loads of werewolves with Moons Most Favour status, in the last minute of the game).

KAAS is (and always was) an official TR supporting guild

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