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Leader of Kaaskoppen


birthday 31-12-1980 living in Gent, Belgium. If you're in the area, just gimme a call i can set you up with a place to sleep if needed.

Started playing AM inn 98. Played most servers there at one time or another. Guilds i can remember playing for atm:
Spawn of Salem (SoS)
Monopoly BombSquad (MBS)
Guardians of the Apocalypse (GoTA)
Guardians of the Rift (GoTR)
Scythe of Justice (SoJ)
MageFire (MF)
The White Raven (TWR)
Scorched Earth (SE)
The Covenant (TC)
The Family (TF)
Zero Tolerance (ZT)
Canine Elite Division (CED)
The Oppressed Guild (ToG)
The Musketeers (TM)
Spite and Malice (S&M)
Kaaskoppen (KAAS)
Realms of Chaos (CHAOS)
The Panthergram (CATS)

there's more, but i can't really remember all of them. In four years one tends to have joined a load of guilds :p

I used to be a decent diplomat (ask others if i was good or not, i never go beyond decent when it comes to judging my own skill) for three of those four years. Played mostly eradication, am a decent white. I suck at black and blue and green, mostly since i didn't play those more then one reset and even that reset i hardly played those mages :p The same goes for white really, but it's just to easy a colour.

Came to TR after an old buddy of mine (Bodyhammer) let me know this got started, to play for Kaaskoppen on Blitz. Then joined S&M here on server since i ran in to more old friends over there who bugged me into joining them (not really bugging, i knew most of S&M it turns out). And on app i played for CED till they parted from terra. Most active in blitz atm where i lead Kaaskoppen again after Roodhaar stepped back due to RL pressures. Started the Terra Herald there, which is in the process of accustoming to it's new home.

Other then that, got a shitload of interests, won't post'm all here. Am an anarchist politically, taoist religiously and optimist philosophically Wink Studied at one time or another: law, philosophy, religious sciences and teachers training. I speak dutch as a mother tongue, english fluently, french is good enough, german i can understand without problems but speaking is hard. I'm working on finnish, swedish, spannish and of course: esperanto (tried lojban, but it's no good and would rather do amaya but there's no dutch course for it, in fact i think you can only find info on it in spanish).

  • edit* a friend of mine found me a spanish amaya course :D W00t!!! Now all i gotta do is learn spanish first.

Anything else you wanna know: just ask ...