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Name:The White Tower
Server:MARI Blitz 2
Related guilds:White Tower Academy (WTA), Seven Towers (7T)
Status:Lives on in the subconsiousness

Brief History

The White Tower is a guild from the Archmage era.

The White Tower started on Server III (which became B2 Blitz Guild Server a few resets after). The name of the guild is based on the Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan.

The first leader was Asmodae - he left after 2 resets and for the next 2 years a council of guildmembers lead the guild: Gaidin, Lobster, Belsambar (Ravidel), Stryker, Groentje... waiting for our original leader to return one day! The guild gave longtime members the title Aes Sedai (female) and Asha'man (male). Which is a title for live, if you are a member of the guild or not. Many players moved to more Elite guilds after a couple of resets in White Tower.

White Tower started as a Honour guild, and in 1999 and 2000 formed an alliance with other larger honour guild (Dark Pentegram Elite, The Covenant, Iron Fist Protectorate) and together fought reset after reset against dominant aggressive top guilds. White Tower experienced some internal conflicts, which lead a group of orginal members to split off and form 'Seven Towers' (note Gaidin's abandoned mage at the bottom of the powergraph below!). This was the end of WT council-leadership: the reset after the conflict WT got Groentje as its single leader.

At some point it became quite impossible to be both an Honour guild and improve your guilds performance. This was because bug-exploiting and scripting had grown to ridicoulous levels. The aggressive top guilds were using either scripts, multi-maging, bug-exploits (or all of them) mainly to fight each other - for a honour guild there is no point in mixing in that and not allowing yourself to at least play aggressive. Thus, White Tower left the Alliance of Honour, and allied Borg. Because it wanted to remain a newbie friendly guild and training ground, a branch White Tower Academy was formed and it's members followed a strict 'Honour guild' R.O.E. White Tower stopped in 2002 and shorly after the MARI servers closed down.

Many former White Tower mages still play The Reincarnation - many more have retired.


Original Description

The White Tower (Tar Valon)

__This guild is for those men and women with the inborn gift to channel the One Power. The Power turns the wheel of time, and is the force from which all life flows. Those who walk in the light, and fight the incursions of the Dark One, are welcome into this guild.

__We are devoted to the preservation of the light, and the destruction of the Dark One. In this we await Tarman Gaid'on, the Last Battle. Determined to preserve terra, we have no color discriminations for the Dark One, and his followers can have many guises, and they are many and varried. Friends of the Dark can be found anywhere so be careful.

__Please send your applications for membership to Lobster for review. Include name, number, Rank, Spell level, ICQ number if you have it, how long you have been playing Archmage, and an e-mail address that you can be reached at.

__Aes Sedai / Asha'man are the most highly trained and advanced among us. Accepted / Dedicated are the ones who have had some training and have a little knowledge of the world. Novices / Trainees are brand new uninitiated mages that are still trying to learn the ways of channeling.

Asmodae - Legendary Father of the Tower Watcher of the Seals Flame of Tar Valon

We are run by a Council of members with a Council leader.

The Amyrlin Seat Go with the light.

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