Unseen Empire

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Teh most Kena guild in the history of the universe. And that my friends is a fact in all known universes. Even captain Picard says so.

Unseen Empire had a flawless record throughout it's existence on B2. No member ever lost land, or even had a unit killed for that matter. Well one magi lost a bunch of skeletons once but he was drunk...so was the skeletons whom later was found save and sound by british police on a londonbus. Unseen Empire was also the first guild to have all 10 hall spots as well as breaking all the seals for arma. An amazing feat as they where busy hunting armacasters at the same time.

Unfortunately UE was forced to dissolve when it became clear that another reset of domination would result in too many players leaving the game out of frustration. Also Bale was imprisoned for marrying a 12 year old.


Unseen Empire also made a groupphoto,
From left to right: Kabbenour, Bale, Avenger, Singultus, Crusader, WizCoke, AcidCoke, Ski, Gummy, Spontan, Willow, Groentje 14:07, 13 April 2008 (CEST)

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