The Empire of Excursion

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Empire Information

Name: The Empire of Excursion
Shortname: EoE
Server: Blitz Guild
Leader: Iratus
IRC: #excursion
Status: Active

Our History

The Empire of Excursion (EoE) was formed as Mari began it developmental stages of Archmage in late 1997. Being lovers of RPG type games and having learned of Mari and their concept of a massive multiplayer RPG we just had to be supporters of the Archmage idea.

With the Archmage concept and the idea that we could bring friends together as one big gaming family. The Empire of Excursion was formed by Iratus and Evaluator. Little did they know the impact that this would have on Archmage and The Empire of Excursion members lives.

The Empire of Excursion began with 10 members all friends of Iratus from around the world. As Archmage grew however so did The Empire of Excursion. At it's peak The Empire of Excursion had a member base of over 400 active members and over 15 sub-guilds under its control. Making The Empire of Excursion the largest continuous guild in Archmage.

Over the years The Empire of Excursion has set a lot of Archmage records. The largest guild, oldest guild, continuous top five guild, continuous leadership, Halls of Fame, and many more on the list. However the most important fact of The Empire of Excursion is the family and friendships which have been formed over the many years. Once your a member of The Empire of Excursion family, your always family.

Once Mari closed its doors for good The Empire of Excursion found itself wondering what to do next. The decision was made to moved our operations to the Lord Archmage. Playing there for about two years, The Empire of Excursion made it's usual huge impacts with in the game. Top 5 guild rankings and Hall of Fame's, however something was missing from the Lord Archmage version of the game.

After a brief break from the Archmage game The Empire of Excursion decided to make a return to Archmage Gaming. Knowing that The Lord Archmage lacked the atmosphere which The Empire of Excursion members enjoy. Iratus made the decision that The Reincarnation would be the game site of our return. This decision was made because Iratus found many of his old time friends in The Reincarnation and found the atmosphere of game to be a lot like old Mari times.

The Empire of Excursion has now found itself reinvigorated and hopes to have as huge impact on The Reincarnation as its has on other Archmage games in the past. We look forward to restoring old friendships and making new ones. We look forward to providing our members the fun and family like Empire which they have grown accustom too.

Long Live The Reincarnation!
Long Live The Empire of Excursion!

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