The Exiles of Terra

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Please all former Exiles Leaders and memebers please fill in the Part of history you either lead or were a member.

fill in blank era

Exiles of Terra along with The Wizard Academy (WizA) started off as subguilds of GoAP. EoT was led by Dominion and Killicam, who were cousins in real life. After EoT's first resets of existance Dominion and Killicam moved to GoAP at the request of Revenger. After MARI AM went down, GoAP and EoT went to the chilean server. EoT's crown was handed to Zar who had been a member only a short period of time. Whitin the first month of the set, Zar had made EoT into a top10 guild and along with GoAP, ruled over the Super Guild Chilean server. After that reset Revenger (a.k.a. Dolofonos) asked EoT's leader (Zar) to join GoAP as a part of the leadership. Almost the entire membership moved to GoAP with Zar. After a succesfull set, former officials of EoT remade it on Blitz Server. When a lack of numbers and activity struck EoT, the guild broke again. The Exiles site was still active so zarkahn asked Revenger if I could take the Exiles and make them a bigger better guild. EoT came back to TR from the chilean server in the KM/NP set. The Exiles got to rank 3 their first reset in TR right under No pressure and Kasumatra. Eventually we ended up declaring war on Kasu Matra, but arma came before the war ended. After KasuMatra set in Blitz Guild Server, Onimaru and a few former members of EoT moved to Guild Server to create Female Body Inspectors (FBI).

thanks to all former memebers and leaders who contributed to the history of eot

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