The Hordes of Chaos

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We are a group of individuals who strongly believe in this game as a fun, exciting community. We are not all about competion but that does not mean we do not strive to achieve. All of our members are well connected and active. We enforce the rules we make and will take actions upon those who break them. If we ourselves act unjustly, consequences will be issued whether it be revenge from the victim or severe punishment.

All in all, we try to keep The Reincarnation a safe and enjoyable game in order to promote and help others.

The Hordes of Chaos

Guild Leader: Nedra

The Hordes of Chaos was primarily a war guild, willing to attack any guild in the server regardless of rank, membership or reputation. Examples of this fearlessness warring against Army of Darkness, and a bitter war against the Catfish of Terra that was interrupted by the bugged set.

Some of the more prominent members: EvlNvrDys, novo/novotny, Ghostmaster/Mastermind, Noirblood, Deepz, lordQ, reckoning, atrophic, Danjay, Morlock, Caldazar/Faile, swell, wolfbite, Jaq/Inq, playa4life, mixcoatl, Bloodroot, awonders/bob.

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