Iron Golem (Item)

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You are surprised to find this twelve foot tall Iron Golem tending the garden on a farm. Obviously, his former master's orders were for him to farm the land. You want to use him for other purposes, however, you do not seem to be unable to give him a new order since you do not know the correct word. So, you just bring him home and let him farm your own land, perhaps for ever. You also found some letters carved on its back "You'll hate this one sooner or later, believe me! ", "ARGGHHH!!! MY MANA!!!".


  • The Iron Golem grants 1-5 acres of new farmland per turn
    • This new farmland can be destroyed in order to build other buildings on it
  • The Golem has a hidden upkeep (mana reduction) that starts at 4k acres: