The Jade Temple Knights

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Guild Leader:T'kon Macrineau
allies:IOT always

Mari Days
histoy of JTK (blitz)

The Guild History of The Jade Temple Knights

Before The Jade Temple.
T’kon Macrineau began playing The Reincarnation in it’s days as Mari’s “Archmage”, four years ago. Brought into the game by his real life best friend, Zarkahn, T’kon became the third member, ever, of the Intimidators of Terra, along with Deathwarp, a long time friend of T’kon and Zarkahn’s. T’kon was made the Judge of the IOT, it being his job to oversee punishments dealt out upon offending mages. He enjoyed a lengthy stint as the Intimidators’ Judge, as he learned to play the game, and become an effective mage. He, before his time was over in the IOT, went on to meet many of IOT’s great mages, including Bombshell, Abusayaf, and Shahrayar, and he, by the end, was the Intimidator’s Second-in-Command.

The Birth of Jade.
Zarkahn, ready to expand his guild, decided to make the most trusted member of his guild, even though not the most powerful, the leader of a new Sub-Guild. T’kon was given a very small few of Zarkahn’s other Intimidators and set off to create The Intimidators’ Sub Guild. T’kon named it The Jade Temple Knights, and began bringing together members, including a friend of his from real life, who named herself Kechana in game. While it was Zarkahn’s Sub Guild, The JTK fought along side it in one of its wars, and helped to spread the name of both The Intimidators and The Jade Temple, through The Blitz Guild server of Mari’s “Archmage”.

Rise of The T’kon Macrineau.
The Jade Temple did not remain a sub guild forever, though. While his skills as a mage were never veteran level, and he still had many things to learn, T’kon had proven himself a shrewd politician, and a strong and smart leader, invoking much loyalty from his guild members. He was ready for control…and Zarkahn agreed. T’kon was set free; his guild, the Jade Temple, was left under his complete control, and it grew to become its own name in it had been in the process of doing for sometime, even under The IOT’s wing. As it grew it took in many great members including one who would remain with T’kon and Zarkahn for years, GodOfMercy, one, who, although short lived in the JTK, made a large impression, and became, as T’kon would call him, a measuring stick for future members, GabeAFI, and one who, through his devotion to T'kon and the Jade Temple, and his continued friendship and support with Zarkahn and T'kon long after The JTK's end, surpassed even that measure, CyberFreak. The JTK also garnered alliances with guilds whose members and leaders have stayed amicable and friendly with Zarkahn and T’kon in their endeavors since, such as The Defenders, The Lost Prophets, The Choad Lords, and The Freman Warriors.

The Fall of The War Mages.
The Jade Temple only faced one true threat under T’kon’s solo rule, and it was a threat that was dealt with swiftly. A mage joined the JTK, by the name Turtle Boy. He was an active mage, but obviously took himself more seriously than T’kon and Jade's Tribunal did. After only a few days in the guild, Turtle boy demanded a higher position...a demand that T’kon would not meet: Turtle Boy hadn’t been a member long enough to deserve a promotion, or the trust associated with it. Turtle Boy felt…slighted…to say the least, and decided to take the matter to war. In a secret and shadow campaign, Turtle Boy began stealing members from the JTK, and even formed his own guild, The War Mages, with those members he stole and others he had brought together. Once ready, he launched a surprise war against the JTK, with many of the War Mages multying and hiding within the JTK as spies. T’kon turned down help from the IOT in the war, but accepted help from two other friends, Deathwarp (mentioned in the “Before” section above), who had left the IOT to pursue a solo career, and a new friend T’kon had made by the name of Hash, also called Hashirima Toriyama. Deathwarp, his allies, T’kon, and the JTK launched a head on offensive against the WM, and were prevailing, but T’kon was not satisfied – which is where Hash came in. Hashirima, not being an official member of the JTK, acted as a shadow member and infiltrated the WM. Turtle Boy had spies in the JTK...T’kon would have a spy in the WM. As T'kon's JTK and Deathwarp’s team attacked the WM from without, Hash destroyed it from within. The War Mages were decimated, and T’kon proved he could stand against such a threat, even such an underhanded one.

Leaving The Jade Island.
T’kon, after a while, had to leave Terra, though, and with it, Jade as well. He returned to his life outside of Mari’s “Archmage,” and sent his members, those who wished to go, to the only place he could trust to send them, The IOT. Which is where he, too, returned. His life was too full to lead a guild, but he remained in the IOT as an honorary member, with no duties, but all the protection and benefits of being in a guild. A gift from his old friend Zarkahn. T’kon gave his site over to his friend Hashirima, who promptly used it to create his own Brother-Guilds, The Arai Temple and The Finality Faction, together known as The Brotherhood of Arai. After a while, Jade was nearly reborn, through a coalition effort T’kon, Zarkahn, and a few of their allied guild leaders had undertaken. It would have been The Realm of Ages, an through it, the Jade Temple would reemerge…but it was not to be. Just as the plans were being set into motion, and just as Hashirima’s Brotherhood of Arai was beginning to come to shape, Mari’s Archmage was no more. Gone from the endless halls of Cyber Space.

The Reincarnation.
Mari’s Archmage was not completely dead, though, and would be reborn several times: As simply Archmage, as the Spanish Archmage called The Lord, and others, until finally it reappeared as The Reincarnation. Zarkahn followed Archmage from place to place, even through the Spanish version, when he couldn’t even speak the language, until he finally landed in The Reincarnation. A fitting name for the newest outlet for the a reincarnation may be just what happened. In The Reincarnation, The Intimidators of Terra found themselves reborn, T’kon was brought back into the fold, this time as the guild's diplomat, and again, hungry for power, Zarkahn decided to launch a Sub-Guild, with his most trusted, and longest running member, T’kon, as its head. And that guild would be...JADE TEMPLE KNIGHTS

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