The Legion of the Dragons

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The Legion of the Dragons was started in the late year of 1997 by 2 mages, myself "Volcanic", & second "The Crow", we started playing archmage on S1 cause there wasnt but 2 servers at the time, i started as a red mage &, well he started whatever color he wanted to be,lol... But we were a guild of 2 at the time, & as time went on we grew starting around reset 3 or 4 i think to whatever it was in 2001. We were known as an honorable guild. I of course over time had to leave the guild & the game for r/l reasons & left the guild to another honorable mage named Blacksol, he ran it till 2002 when he had to hang it up. by 1999 we had almost 200 members with maybe on a good day 50% active playing mages. By the time i left in '99 till '00 the guild was redone & had 35 100% active mages & was known as a power house sitting along side of Ministry, Tribe, Empire, CFTM & others in strength. We belonged to several tri-ads (multi guild in 1) 1 of them was "TC- The Covenant". I miss my guild & its members, maybe 1 day i will bring it back.

LoD has been restarted & can be found at the following URL: Legion of the Dragons Restarted June, 06 till Present

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