The Oppressed Guild

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Name:The Oppressed Guild
Server:Guild Server
IRC Channel:# tog
Supporting Guild:Yes


Created in the MARI days by Ivanhoe, Unclehef and hobag. Having been led by Ivanhoe in AM, AndyGuts in TR, and currently Crappy.

TOGs High Council currently consist of AndyGuts, Crappy, Ryfver, Badabom and Firpo
AmonRa is our recruiter.

The Oppressed Guild (

We let our name speak for itself, we help those who are in need, we find the resources to aid and we do it all with a smile.

We wish to make a good impression and represent our guild by following the Decalogue of Terra.
We expect every player to play a fair game and have fun while doing it.

-= Rules of Engagement =-
1 Siege/Pillage/Regular gives us one counter on you, which we may honour within 48 hours.
2 or more Siege/Pillage/Regular within 24 hours is considered Multiattacking and will place you on our hitlist unless an apology is recieved and you're forgiven by the HC
Spells or items are an act of war, even as a counter, and it will place you on our hitlist.
If we find a mage overtargetted by a certain mage/guild, our High Council will decide wheter to place you on our hitlist.

We use Proxy counters, enabling us to counter for anyone in the guild that has been attacked within 48 hours. This is to show that if you attack one member of TOG, you attack us all.

If any of our mages block an attack with the use of the spell Hallucination, it is counted as an attack and if you try again it will be considered Multiattacking. This rule applies because our blue mages pay the upkeep of Hallucination for a reason.

Attacking us means accepting our policies.

For these rules to apply, our members must put our roe and attack policy in their description.

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