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A brief history (written by alleya, modified and posted by fuhgawz):

The Underground first started in Beta which were then known initially as "No Name Ninja Squad (NNNS)"...

TU was then defecting from TEF, to start a more decentralized testing guild on the testing server. Along the way, we have lost and gained many members. Most of the High Council members (Alleya, Grutan, Norcallude, Frenzy, Yos, Anarcoplayba) from TEF were the founding members of TU.

Here is how we evolved:

1st reset: Alleya was leader! We were NNNS then, and jumped by TNT. We only had about 10 members. That was also the reset Yos (or better known as k4n3) got his first hall.

2nd reset: Grutan was leader - aka "the king". The first time we were to be known as "The Underground). We finished the war with TNT on that one (not for revenge), and had some good coordination. We also gained a good many members that reset. "We shall never surrender! (and neither will you!!)"

3rd reset: Anarcoplayba was leader! We warred CQS which were later joined by CoT.

4th reset: Frenzy was leader! We got into war with Tables of Tennis(ToT). Supporting guild status arrived for beta testing. It was like Christmas on beta. =)

5th reset: Fuhgawz was leader! Then Frenzy was leader! Then Alleya was leader! We declared the first war of the server with Nerf Us (then an all white guild). Didn't last too long as both sides reached an agreement to end it peacefully. Then another war broke out with 13Th BriGade. Mr. Satan's Elite (lead by tehflamee)...

6th reset: Grutan was leader! This would've been our bloodiest reset as we warred all the way from the beginning till the end with CoT coming in first and My Fav Pwnies (lead by elva) coming in second.

7th reset: Anarcoplayba was leader! Warred CoT again while assisting KWZ.

8th reset: Fuhgawz was leader! Joined the coalition which consists of SoS and Beer (EPA) to war Made In China. Then there was CoT which lasted a week till a truce was made.

9th reset: apocs31 was the leader after a 2 reset rest. new war mages had come. warred Newbs lead by Wartree, a truce was made and had been a better and effective war guild.