The Wassai

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First founded by Tsiah many many years ago, leadership quickly passed onto Debacle around the time WOW came out, and Debacle and the origional members developed the guild into a lean mean fighting machine, Leadership passed to Graham mid set during one of the biggest wars every to grace the app server, the Wassai being voted the best war guild that set in the end of reset awards, the leadership passed to stark one reset later who leads the guild to this day.

The Wassai has been allied to LOA for many resets, and will most likely remain allied to them well into the future of the game.

The heros of the Wassai include in no particular order:

Debacle Stark Graham Soulblight Anarchy Pressesna Rudiger Volante Elva

All of these members have contributed to the guild in a big way over the years

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