The White Raven

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Name: The White Raven
Shortname: TWR
Server: Guild Server
Current Leader: Metis
IRC channel: #whiteraven (on galaxynet)

Our Guild History

The White Raven was founded in early 2000 by merging three smaller guilds led by Lords Ablaidan, Scatha and HolyBlaze and has existed since then. It is a respected and honorable guild which lives by one simple motto – The more you do for the guild, the more the guild does for you -, two even simpler rules of engagement – You attack once, we counter once. You attack more than once, you die. – and three most simple rules of conduct which form the core philosophy of the guild:

Thou shalt make thy guild proud.
Thou shalt be loyal to thy guild.
Thou shalt not ashame thy guild.


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