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The guild's reactivated bulletin board is located here...

Topia is similar to the Shadows from the former tv show Babylon 5. We aren't very active now, but were perhaps once very powerful and on occassion might be seen again.

As of the Arch Server July 2011 reset, Topia has reformed. However, we don't know how long we'll be together again.

Our glory years were primarily from 2001 to 2004 back in AM.

1. Topia and AoD once cast Arm together back on the Ager server.

2. Topia initially averaged about 7 Halls a reset and eventually ended up with over 50+ AM and TR Halls.

3. The first Topia reset... the 15 original members had over 100+ individual AM Halls among themselves. Actually, 13 had 100+ Halls. Airwreck and DoctorEvil had zero.


Some of the former membership (in alphabetical order) from the glory years included:

Airwreck, Agrate, Atlas, Azgaroth, Blackangel, Cid, DaveMcW, DayDreamer, EarlRyanKenneth, Elzzix, Faler, Gambit, Hailer, Jaspian, Leonidas, Liadran, Mandingo, Mathilda, Mrouver, Nivellen, Orcal, Paraquat, Phantom, Shaka, Sinlord, Sogrom, Spok, Tijn, Uri, Whitetrash.

Some of these mages still play the game as of summer 2011.

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