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also known as Sandokas.

Started to play around 1999 on Archmage. Founded a guild called "Et Pluribus Unum" at Apprentice Server that was know for being the only one to have a computer generated hymn. Graduated from "Shaolin Academy" and played as "Shaolin Temple" monk, and later arrived to the title of warmonger until his abandon when Archmage talks for pay-for-play started. Also played as "Pacifist?" at Guild Server. Sandokas was known from his courtesy on the battle field that won him a lot of PNAP during peace time, and for his fierce agressivity in battle specially on bringing higher ranked enemies down during wars.

Came back to play the game under the current agentsvr alias on The Reincarnation. Assumed leadership of "Dead Men Walking" when feath retired. Still plays with "Dead Men Walking" at Apprentice Server and "Topia" at Guild Server when he gets a chance. agentsvr is known for his lack of respect of English Language and a natural predisposition to flame the UBB. Likes to contribute to the community with original content like: roleplay, songs, drawings, suggestions or money when he can.