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Born on aug 30, 1986 living in Manila Philippines

likes to play skateboarding and drinking alcoholic beverages

graduated at University of the east taking up AB Intl Studies

former Guild Leader and High Council of The Underground (Blitz Guild) 2004-2008 Ret.

former fisher and sniper of CoT (Blitz Guild) 2005-2013 Ret.

former co-leader of SPAMMERS and SQUIRRELS (Arch Guild) 2007-2008 Ret.

former warmage of L7 (L1 Server)Ret., PPP (Blitz Server)Active , TheCorp (Blitz Server) Ret. , RatedPG (Blitz Server) Ret., IoT (Blitz Server) Ret. , Fire (Beta Server) Ret. , NWO (Beta Server). , ANTS (L1 Server) Ret. , MDF (L1 Server).

likes to play RED and BLUE mage.

a ranker and definitely a war mage, dont ever try him go warring and u'll disintegrate in hell :).

favorite quote. "Tommorow is today you worried about yesterday ^_^