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Aposhish played this game back in mari days. the first guild he played for was Dead man Inc. He fought his way to second in command. The way it was set up the strongest mage was leader and second strongest was second. The guild was based on this principle. aposhish challenges zarkahn only once for leadership control, it was a fierce battle, but unfortunetly it was one that I lost. zarkahn beat aposhish, however he was not kicked, that is not the way things were done. He was put back at his old rank and told if he wanted to ever challenge zarkahn again he was more than welcome.

Aposhish learned alot from this guild. But eventually it was disbanded. So aposhish had to find refuge under the roof of another guild. the Realm of Mage Knights. he joined for a while but shortly after joining quit because he had conflictions with one of the memebers. He told guild leader genesis that he could no longer be a part of the guild. so he joined RMK's brother guild Dragon knights. He stayed again only for a short while before leaving. He decided to go solo. He made alot of friends before decideing to retire.

There is a bit more but I'll have to look up old saved files.