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Name: Caner Geyik
Birth Date : 5th September 1983
Country : Turkey
Occupation : Student (Biochemistry)


started in 2002 summer.

-hey mate, i heard a game
-what is it?
-it is called Archmage
-Let's have a look

Then formed a guild named "Trashattack".We were 3 mages building strongest milita armies in game. Our guild's description was in Turkish.Then an archmail came in was a call for another guild .we disband and started to play for MoH (Minions of Hades) and learned game basics there.militias disbanded and barracks destroyed :) I had even cast spells to some Shaolin magi.. then mari gone...

i visited MoH forum after some years and saw a post tells TR is up!! Created a mage for the 4th set of TR and played for SPC. Then we decide to form a guild with 2 friends.This is another story though. ---> Aldegonian Slayers

Other Server Activies : s1: i have played for TCA and it was real fun. Then played with Anatolian Tigers which lived one set. I am only playing app now.