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Belizean started playing as a boy in the summer of 1997 or 98 when it was known as archmage, or, AM. Soon after the name was changed to magewar and then went out of business for a few years. Now this new game is commonly referred to as TR.

He likes to play his mages while extremely intoxicated or 'under the influence' and generally speaking has been corrupting all the people he has met over the years. If he is seen, it is wise to proceed with caution. He is always willing to help as best he can when it comes to new players wanting to learn but due to the damage he has inflicted on his brain with drugs and alcohol he has never really progressed into a 'Tier 1' player. He is mediocre at best. He has never broken 8k land PRE arma in TR. :(

Over the years he has played with many different guilds but was a drifter for the most part never staying in one place for long. After years of doing this he and a small group of friends decided to create their own guild. He was one of the original founders of the guild FaH-Q!!! The other founders were Zar, BadCBX, Warlock99 and f00. Again, not a Tier 1 guild but definitely a force to be reckoned with nonetheless.

Favorite colors to play: Red and Black Favorite guild: FaH-Q!!! Favorite spell: Contract of the Soul Favorite item: oil flask Favorite female body part: breasticus wait what....?

He would also like to point out that this is the first time he has written about himself in the third person. Thank you have a nice day goodbye.