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Guild: Dead Men Walking (DMW)

Age: born in 88 (you do the math yourself)

Apprentice server: Started playing in 2004 and was with DMW during their first reset ever. Joined AppA for one week before leaving and joining on command from Dunehawk (the first wargeneral of DMW and Caldazar's brother). Was made High Council during DMW's second reset and made leader during his third reset. Was leader for over a year before releasing control to the then returning Feath (DMW's first leader). Caldazar was once again forced to step up into leadership a year later and is now (June 2007) the leader of DMW. Was also teacher in the Apprentice Accademy during a few resets besides Velvet and is currently one of the teachers helping out in the Torture Chamber there.

Other Servers: Played on s1 for a while in the guild Realms of Chaos (RoC) but had to revert to only playing Apprentice due to lack of time. Was Wargeneral for two resets in RoC alongside with Morlock.

Other Information: Caldazar is a warmongerer who has mostly been renowned as a good catfisher but has also proven to be an able ranker. Generally plays red but started out playing as a green. Lives in Sweden and was (when he started playing) one of the youngest players around. Was during his first period as a leader an often occuring (and appreciated) poster on the UBB in charge of most of DMW's wardeclarations.