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Coldwar55 also known as 'Chobowanker55', "attempted" to pick up The Reincarnation in September-October of 2004 after following a link from an alliance in GaYoC (KoC). After failing to learn the game due to it's complexity he left and came back a few months later (December 2004) and joined Dissention. He was mainly a Server Guild (S1) player however he was a wanderer on Blitz Guild for some time. In the beginning of 2007 (January) he decided to start his own guild on the Blitz server called The Equilibrium Faction (TEF) based off of his favorite movie, "Equilibrium".

To this date (January 2008), Coldwar55 still leads TEF.

Coldwar55 is an experienced mage(Not a veteran) who knows the game well, however he is still learning. He knows how to war extremely well however he can also rank decently. He has never halled and has no intentions of halling during his TR career. He believes that the guild comes before his mage no matter the circumstances.

Coldwar55 plays Phantasm, Eradication, Nether and Verdant. He will NOT play Ascendant as he hates white with a BURNING passion. He believes all whites are wh0res who can only defend.

Guilds played in:

Apprentice: Pesky

Blitz Guild: TEF, IOT, TS

Guild(S1): DN, TEF (Current)