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Crusader, aka crus the fallen angel, aka the kenaest mofo in AM and TR.


In early AM times when crus started playing, he was often referred to the Jesus of AM. Many people believed the game was created as a shrine to this glorious man, and who could argue it.

His many conquests led him to truly be the greatest mage that ever played AM, which resulted negatively. See, crus had accomplished everything in AM, and tho many believe the game fell apart due to multies and lack of admin interest, it was in fact because crus had grown bored with the game. Like a small child gets tired with a ball, crus smote AM down and forgot aboot it.


Years later, it was revealed crus was yet again behind the game's creation, this time in the form of TR. See, all of crus' previous followers of AM had failed to make the jump from AM back to their real-lives. They hung around irc, longing for a glimpse of his magnificent text-typing skills, and longed for the fulfillment that only cybering crus could deliver. Thus TR was created, to appease his many fans.

Unfortunately many people had become bitter over the void that crus' departure had created in their lives, and had turned gay. So when TR and crus returned these people created hate-wars and gay-orgy cybering chans all across irc and TR. Luckily, crus' greatness saved himself from their gay corruption, and he escaped from TR to real-life. Where he remains happy to this day.

Today TR remains in tatters. Even tho 'The Jesus of TR' has stated he will not return, still the game longs for his return, it longs for his massive pena to strike down the homos such as topia, DN, and a couple hundred other guilds which rank, and which crus believes (ie knows) to be lesser.

Bless this great great man crus. Bless him!