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Note: It's Friendster and not MySpace because everyone knows Friendster is for Asians, MySpace is for the rest of the world's population.

More About Darigaaz

Dari is everyone's favourite, (not really because he's from Canada), wannabe Asian banana. When he's not spending time at karaoke bars trying to pick up Asian chicks with his heart-wrenching rendition of "My heart will go on", he's out camping in the good ol' Canadian woods with his friends eating and taking multiple photos of hotdogs...(Yes... hotdogs is an euphemism in this instance). Known for his kena messenger and secretary skills he's become the Monica Lewinsky of DN's HC and performs the same tasks dutifully picking up all the paperwork that everyone else just cbf'd doing. Fondly called Dari by all his friends it soon becomes crystal clear why the gaaz (sounded phonetically) is politely left off.

* Darigaaz runs away crying

Testimonials from Dari's Friends

Ech Posted 6/1/2007

Thinks he's a first grade cock sucker.

VR Posted 9/3/2007

Tiny wang, even for Asian standards.

Ninarx Posted 8/4/2007

The only Pinoy I know who thinks he can pass as Canadian!

Genesis Posted 8/4/2007

you're not asian enough! wannabe Asian banana!

MaDD Posted 8/4/2007

Dari why you always try to puss out. You got a perfectly good pornstar gf waiting for you if you'd just get on her. Then you wouldn't have to keep sucking the coxxx! Oh yah, and you aren't doing a good enough job as my apprentice hookar.


Min Posted 8/4/2007

I don't date asian guys. Sorry.

Morukumo Posted 8/4/2007

Dari, quit being a fag and bending over everytime balrog tells you to bend.