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Started off with: KSO <=== Archmage Era

Moved on to: Freedom Fighters <=== The Reincarnation

Helped form: Bushido Reborn <=== Special mention to Levadar

Enrolled in: The Equilibrium Faction <=== TR 101

Warred with: Realms of Chaos <=== fwwwtt...Meteor Storm away!!!!

Forever with: Dread Fuzzy Bunnies <=== Lead and currently co-leading

App / Arch

Kick started with: Freedom Fighters <=== i <3 FF

Warred against / with / along side: The Bouncers <=== The bestest Diplomat!!! fuhgz!!!

Currently being lazy with: The Wassai (tW) <=== WEEEeeeeee!!!



Helped Form: The Underground <=== HC and Leader for a few sets

Fishing with buddies in: Catfish of Terra (COT) <=== Where's my rod????