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The Reincarnation history

After getting tired of hearing her friends always talk red dragons this, red dragons that and djinnis are good, Fuki first joined the Engineered Plague, led by Titan, in October 2004 using the nick Sagacious. However the Engineered Plague soon after merged with Realm of Nordica, led by KongRudi. Quickly rising up through the ranks, she was soon awarded with the title diplomat. After the third reset ended, KongRudi decided to step down and Realm of Nordica's fifth ruler, Sagacious was crowned.

After the second reset as Realm of Nordica's leader, Sagacious changed her name to Fuki. She has a tendency to switch nicks depending on her mood, but usually uses either Sagacious or Fuki ingame. On IRC she uses the nick Fuki. The only color she'll play is red, after all what would a woman do without her wonderful Volcano Eruption or stunningly beautiful red dragons? ;)

Fuki's currently studying chemistry at the uni and isn't bothering that much with TR. After all there's a life outside to, you just have to get used to the poisonus oxygen.

Personal info

Born in Pusan, South Korea, december 1987.
Was given up for adoption and ended up in Sweden.
Currently studying math in Stockholm
Formerly a somewhat decent competitve swimmer(quit in 2003).
Has a huge weakness for good chocolate!
Has a worse memory than a goldfish(unless it's chocolate related).
Oh, and did she mention that she loves chocolate.....we love you anyways, even if our chocolate isn't safe..:P Eld & Fem
Hates physics!