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Old School info:

Originally began playing back in the ArchMage early as 1999. I played in a couple of small guilds on the Blitz Guild server, over the course of several resets. Went by the alias of HolyGuard during that time period. Was able to achieve one top 25 finish during that time frame, but was never able to achieve HoI status. Stopped playing for a long time only to find out that when I came back that MARI was on the verge of collapse and the game would no longer be available.

10/08 Edit:

Decided to do an Archmage look up on Wikipedia one day...while I was bored at work. Much to my surprise I found out that “ArchMage” or as we now know it “The Reincarnation” was in fact very much alive again. And now I have to unfortunately admit, that life hasn’t been the same since. I’m on it at work all day, I’m on it at home before dinner, and I am on it late at night prior to bed time. I suppose it’s a bit of an obsession for me. I enjoy the game and I am trying to relearn the way the game works. Maybe I will actually get the hang of it again...sooner or later.

Was recently a leader of the guild Mages of Zenla. While I was away from the game for a couple of months last year the guild sort of fell apart. It would seem to be a common theme for me with this game.

After nearly a year long hiatus I am back and playing in the world of Archmage/The-Reincarnation. I'm thankful to be a part of the wonderful Guild Imagination Station. I hope I can provide them the same amount of support as I did for MoZ a year ago. However, I'm just happy to be back and playing again here in October of '08.

05/11 Edit:

Well I've been back playing again for years now. Not sure how that happened. Anyway, I've gotten the hang of the game again. In fact I've even gotten two halls to show for it. One on Blitz and one on Beta. Perhaps one day I will hall all servers? Probably not...

Joined the TR Staff and became Wikipedia Group Leader in 04/11

I've become associated with two guilds going forward, as a sort of "lifer" status. On Arch, I've been a long standing member in Arch's oldest and most prestigous guild: TWoR. On Blitz, I've found my home with one of the oldest and most respected War guilds ever known to Blitz server: CoT. I've come to cherish both guilds and their members. And to all of the friends who I've made in both of these guilds or elsewhere...thank you! You guys are the reason I continue to play!

Alias: HeavenCent

Age: 32

Country: United States of America (Maryland)