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Name: Chris
Age/Sex: 23/M
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Former mage names: hellbent, Shenhui, Arjuna, Krsna


Leader and founder of Reign of Chaos on App server

The Reincarnation: Former Masters of the Drunken Fist (s1), Nintendo Legends (blitz), WaMaHaFu (blitz)

Former , Ronin Assassin, Kindred, leader of The Unrighteous Path

hellbent originally started out as Krsna, a lowly member of Kindred Academy back in 2000. After a full reset in the Kin academy, he was accepted into the Kindred and played there for a mere two resets. Then, after Krsna decided to leave Kindred, he created a new mage, Arjuna or Shenhui? and created a new guild called The Unrighteous Path (TUP); which was only around for one reset. He then joined under maddcow as a Ronin Assassin. He was Ronin for only one reset and by this time Archmage was planing pay to play so he quite the game. hellbent then found TR through his brother in November 2005, and together they formed Reign of Chaos (ROC) on the apprentice server.