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A pimped out playa that knows how to get his, Hobo reps the mean streets of Virginia to the fullest. Initially an apprentice player, his many 'talents' were discovered and exploited by the pimpalicious mack daddy Jupiter.
Jupiter, Source Photo

His simple life on app was soon ruined when he was seduced into playing guild and blitz servers with false promises of pony rides and barbie accessories. Under the watchful eye of the white man, hobo has quickly became a master strategist, haller and bater. While his list of in-game accomplishments are long and exhaustive, Hobo is most well known for his DSL (dick sucking lips), pho fetish, and awkward social comments.

[16:12] <hobo> have anyone noticed tho
[16:12] <hobo> that black penas tend to not be so hard when erect