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About Ivan

  • Real Name: IvanLx
  • (m)IRC Nick: Hisoka
  • Age: 24
  • Prefered Color: Green - White - Blue
  • Prefered Server: Apprentice - Server Guild - Solo
  • AM Played Server: Apprentice - Ager Guild - Blitz - Blitz Non-Guild - Solo - Beta

Short History

Ivan started playing at mostly Non-Guilded server in Maritel Corporation Archmage and then in the early days of The Reincarnation [known as ProjectX]. Also played at Apprentice, Ager and Solo with some old time friends. Founded a small guild called The ArchWizards during the early testing phase of ProjectX together with his brother KLAR. Then later made the RaGe of AnGeLs guild in Blitz server for happy warring times with some College classmates and Pinoy friends. After quite some time, many of his old time guildmates pursued him to bring The Imperium/The Covenant guild back to it's home. With the help of some ancient TC/TI members all over Terra, it was made possible. He is one of the biggest responsible mages in recreating The Covenant, he leaded the guild for 2 back to back resets. But due to Real Life demands, he is now Inactive most of the time, but still looking forward to get his hands back to the game.

noObie to the Heart...

TR/AM Guild Served