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Original mage name: Deadkenedy
Real name: Sean Montemurro
Age: 30 (2013)
Home town: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Guilds: WoD on old Ager server, Serenity Now!, The Blue Lodge on TR Blitz server, several others
Former guild master of Perfect Evil on Mari Beta server
Named after: Jello Biafra
I started playing some time around 2001
Preferred mage specialty: Nether
Halls: 0
Kills: Hundreds
Deaths: Dozens

AKA: deadkenedy, blue jello, red jello, green jello, nerull

The history of Perfect Evil:
PE was originally created by a mage named Stamos on old Mari Ager server. Stamos went inactive, and never came back. I had admin priviledges, so I moved the guild to Beta, hoping for the return of Stamos so I could give him his guild back.
Being the only member of the guild, I personally recruited and trained several n00bs into an outstanding evil army. When I finally left the game, I placed my lieutenant ACG in charge of the guild. ACG moved the guild to Blitz server, which is where the guild finally made a name for itself in my absence. I humbly await the return of my minions, who have all since stopped playing. They will return, you know. We always return.