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Location: Minnesota, USA

  Blitz: New Kids Of the Block (90210), Legion of the Abyss (LotA), Conspiracy, Pwnography, Things Your Momma Does! (TYMD), Archmage Classic (AMC), King of Kings, Michelin Guide, Noobies without Boobies, Draft Dodgers, HideUrShieldMaidens (RAWR!)
  Guild: *A Tribe Called Quest, *Big Brother is Watching You (IngSoc)
  Beta: Proudly of Old Folks! (PoOFs!), *Conspiracy (Rogue), *Lim-Duhl's Cohort, *Conspiracy II, *Neverending (End), *Covert Operation (Not Here), *Extraordinary Productions InC. (EPIC)
   A * represents leading the guild

Reset ending: Aug 8, 2010 (Blitz)
1 Icon PHANTASM.gif Vaevictis (#126) - Kheoinn - RAWR!

Reset ending: Jun 28, 2009 (Blitz)
5 Icon PHANTASM.gif Society (#456) - Kheoinn - [Newb]

Reset ending: Nov 16, 2008 (Guild)
7 Icon VERDANT.gif Switzerland (#167) - Kheoinn - ATCQ

Reset ending: Apr 20, 2008 (Guild)
7 Icon ASCENDANT.gif Kheoinn (#43) - Kheoinn - ATCQ

Reset ending: Mar 13, 2007 (Beta)
1 Icon PHANTASM.gif Kheoinn (#49) - Kheoinn - Rogue