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Real Name: Foobie

Age: 22

Country: Singapore

About Kwa

Foobie joined 1337Lite, a training guild at that time, when he first entered The Reincarnation. He learned a lot during those days in 133Lite with the help of the 1337 members Shivv, HeavenCent , ChuBaJie etc

He joined Deaths Shadows and Shades, another training guild, the following reset using the nick Kwa. He enjoyed those days in Deaths Shadows and Shades. With the help of Belsambar, Babyblue, Beaveroc, Jaq, Shu, CrowNoess etc, he is addicted to The Reincarnation totally.

He missed slapping them around a bit with a large trout =X

Kwa slapping J0urts and ACG'zzzz around a bit with a large trout =X

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