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Player Names

Currently goes by:
TR: madhatter, Mazrim

Formerly known as:
AM: madhatter, Grim, Chaos... (more that no sage in Terra can recall)
TR: madhatter, Mazrim, BenDover

Player History

madhatter joined Mari's Archmage, under a forgotten alias, in 1998. New to the game, he followed his real-life friends' lead and began to grasp the simple basics of the game. Time passed on and as his friends joined the Blitz server (B2), so did madhatter. But soon his friends left to pursue "much more important things." What could possibly be more important than AM? madhatter remained. He joined a rag-tag bunch named The Eradication Guild (or something to that effect) simply because he was a red mage at the time.

Sensing a need for change, he hopped servers once more to Server (S1). - Sorry but honestly at this point I can't recall the abbreviations... it's been awhile.- Here, he joined another newly forming guild known as the Grey Council. But this time the reasoning was a tad better. They had a spiffy website, with even a log-in screen. How wise their mages must be to obtain such knowledge! The Grey Council merged with another guild and became the White Raven. madhatter spent several resets with TWR before deciding that the way of the Pacifists? suited him better. He spent time there, developing new friendships and overcoming trials . (FYI: At some point madhatter had also joined StormFront and enjoyed a brief stint with them. Friendly bunch of mages they were.) Apparently at this point in time madhatter was in a guild-hopping phase, because he then joined Tribe and CftM!. Always he believed thier playing styles suited him better, only to be disappointed or simply to hop for no better than reason than for some change.

After failing to spice up his own AM life, he moved to the Apprentice server (APP). Upon joining, he seeked out refuge with the Shaolin Temple. Time moved on. And madhatter decided it was time to try out his own luck at creating a guild. The Federation was born. It had great potential. And after the first set, it had already great allies to call upon - Legion of the Blood God, The Musketeers, Legion of the Reborn Paladin, Deathcloud, and Convergence. - I'm sure I'm missing some. Apparently I liked having a large amount of allies at the time. - The Federation plowed through with its group of newbies and attempted to leave its mark in Terra. But alas, despite the members' best efforts, the guild crumbled as madhatter became inactive. Perhaps it was a flaw in the guild hiearchy, but nevertheless the guild ceased to exist as the members slowly left to join the ranks of its allied guilds. The ones that can be recalled now are Sammael - The Musketeers and Deimos - Convergence. Before madhatter had a chance to come back and revitalize the gang, the set was over, and AM ended to his great suprise.

To be continued... Sorry I'm tired.

Guild History

APP: Elemenopee
Guild: Not decided

Formerly a member of:
S1: Pacifists?, Tribe, CFTM!, TWR, StormFront (more)
APP: Shaolin Temple
Blitz: Realm of Nordica
Guild: God Mode
Blitz: N/A

Formerly led:
APP: The Federation
S1: Pacifists? - War Minister
APP: Not Another Guild (NAG)